DIY ‘Light’ Camera Crane

Yes this blog has many DIY posts, but you won't find a DIY jib or camera crane article on here. I thought those types of articles were just over saturated and you can find that information just about anywhere. Thanks to Tim for sending this in, this DIY Camera Crane video by Martin Roberts showcasing his build was one that definitely needed to be shared. Not only a very clever build with lots of thought in place on the design, the video is edited and pieced together nicely too. It's not a very informative DIY video about how you can go about building your own step by step, but those who might be DIY savvy can probably pickup some tips. There's also additional photos over at his Flickr[email protected]/

5 thoughts on “DIY ‘Light’ Camera Crane

  1. danilo

    thanks for that piece of information, make sure to check out filmriot's DIY camera Jib, too!
    The crew made a video on how to build it and added some pretty convincing shots to it.
    Definitely worth to watch it!
    Oh and their other videos are nice aswell 🙂
    (No. I don't belong to the crew 😉 )

    You can find it here:

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  3. Martin Roberts

    Thanks for posting my "Light Camera Crane - Build" video. I was wondering why the views suddely jumped up!

    My first edit contained more information on how to build the crane, but it was too long and a bit boring. So I cut it down and removed all the narration for this version. There are detail photos on flicker, see description on video in Vimeo to find them. So you should be able to figure out how to build it from the video and photos.



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