LCD Battery Grips for Canon 550D / T2i now Available

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Just caught a twitter announcement from Aaron Dunlap about the Canon 550D / T2i 'LCD' Battery grips now available. I posted about these LCD Battery grips a short while back, and had many many questions about where to get the T2i version. I haven't used these myself, seems to have the same functions as a regular grip, but the LCD is there for the Intervalometer function (timelapse). It appears to be a limited timelapse function compared to the real Intervalometer remotes, but at least that's one less item to carry for short timelapses. Check out the new LCD Battery Grips for the Canon 550D / T2i.


4 thoughts on “LCD Battery Grips for Canon 550D / T2i now Available

  1. jd

    I must agree with Lai - I'd ordered this unit, and the build quality is not the same as the non-LCD version. Plastic molded grip is used on this one to resemble the rubber/tacky feel, but falls way short.

    The biggest problem I have with this unit is that it does NOT utilize both batteries. So in essence you only have the life of 1 battery vs both. This kinda defies the purpose of expanding the battery grip. I contacted the seller, and I'm still awaiting the response 1 week later.

    If you can get past build quality and 1 battery use, I guess you could use it for the time lapse - that portion did work for me.

  2. Lai

    I just received this exact item from this seller. I received it as an upgrade replacement. The build quality of this item was not great. The grip has a slippery plastic texture not like the one on the T2i. The LCD screen has a plastic cover not very durable. Setting the date and time was confusing. The instructions provided was not simple to follow. I never did manage to get the time lapse to work.

    It does work off off one battery and does work well for shooting. Only negative is the build quality, lack of grip, and time lapse doesn't seem to work.

    I would recommend another LCD grip or just get the same one Cheesy reviewed. Will be returning this grip and hope i get the one I ordered (no lcd screen)

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