Latest 312 LED Light vs Z96

YouTube member reimaginecinema shares a look at the new 312 LED light (above) and compares it with the popular Z96 (below) [Thanks Jacob]. Obviously putting up a 312 count LED light against 96 LEDs isn't a fair fight, but it's a good comparison for those who are looking for which on camera video light to use. The 312 and Z96 are two of my favorite lights to use, and I still happen to be using the older 312 version.

The new version uses magnetic filters (like Z96) and was upgraded with a beefed up housing. Besides LED count, prices are much different, but the 312 allows you to change color temperature which I find important when you change environments (event video). If you can't afford the 312 Bi-Color changing, you could also look into the 240 Bi-Color LED light (more affordable). You'll find the new 312 LED video lights on eBay (click here)

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  1. Emm

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    @HD Cam Team - Flickering in LED lights are usually only when the battery is low. Same with Z96 or 352 LED. No noise at any power level with the 312, and it can be dimmed down to 10%.

  2. Hi,

    @Emm : does the 312 Bi-Color LED (latest version) suffer from any flickering or produce any "hiss" noise at any power level (100% or any lower value)?

    Can it really go to about 10% for low output and longer lasting battery?


  3. I LOVE my Z96 lights. I use them with the other 1200 and LED Ringlight I found through Cheesycam to shoot jobs with. I was just commissioned for two covers for Village Voice Media. I used the LEDS for both shoots but not for both covers. One was shot underwater and the other in studio.

    I read a lot about CRI and more tech jargon but in the real world the less expensive LED lights are just as good as the Litepanels. My clients excitement in the quality of the images and speed of use are proof.

    I shot the Disney cover in less then an hour.

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