Gini iFocus Follow Focus – BIN Price

Prices were all over the map earlier this week on Gini's new iFocus Follow Focus, but today there's a few listed as a set BuyItNow price I managed to get my version for. Only 7 listed at this price, but hopefully this will be a permanent set price going forward. Only time will tell. The 7 FFs are listed on his auction page (click here).

Gini Follow Focus
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15 thoughts on “Gini iFocus Follow Focus – BIN Price

  1. I wonder why he's charging $23 for a blue silver tip one and only $16 for the red?... I guess he know's we all hate that red color on our rigs, well paint or new knob it away!

  2. Lance

    Back @ Tom

    My total cost breakdown for the new Gini iFocus was:
    $149 on ebay + $85 shipping + $21.94 CDN Import charges I paid through UPS COD (part tax and part brokerage fee)
    So total out of pocket expense was about $256 for this.

    It only took 3 days to go from Korea to Ontario Canada.

    Note: On my UPS brokerage COD invoice it said that the toal value for duty was $81.86 CDN not sure if Gini did that to save me a couple bucks or if that's their real cost for the iFocus.

  3. Tom


    It says it ships UPS Worldwide Express for $85, do you think that there is more charges on top of that? I don't feel like spending equivalent cost in shipping as the item.

  4. Lance

    I bought one for $149 on ebay but the shipping to Canada was $85 (all-in-all though - $234 is a good price for this)

  5. Ron

    Hey there, not sure if you knew, but I just got my Ifocus today from Korea(took only 4 days to the USA!) like you said, it is quite well made! the focus pin does not turn around like the Durus, but on mine i notice that if it were the case that the follow focus needed to be flipped, that there was a screw hole bore into the bottom of the geabox to allow another pin to be inserted! I just thought that was pretty cool and may be helpful to you guys.

  6. amjad

    hey emm
    just wondering if you tetsted the follow focus on a 550d+battery grip, does it work or do you need to set it up with raised rods etc..


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - The low profile gears from are great. Right now, if you pledge for their project, you could also qualify for some. httpss://

  8. Rob

    I just bought one. At the $55 shipping price. Still seems like a good deal for $255. A little more than the many sub $200 follow focuses but less than the next level up and with a custom gearbox. What gears would mate well with this setup? Anybody have any idea?

  9. PixCanFly

    his shipping fee can fluctuate by the hour. This morning was USD55, and now it's USD85. Sigh...

  10. Cinesota

    The thing to remember with Gini auctions is he pads his prices with the shipping. You'll notice if the price is low the shipping is high and if the price is higher the shipping cost comes down. There was a time when he was charging a flat $19 (which is probably the correct shipping cost) but the BIN price or opening bid were set higher so you were spending about the same as when he had a lower price on the item and the shipping was $50-$60. Either way you are generally getting a good deal on Gini gear. Fit and finish is as good as anything out there. Only thing to never do with a Gini auction is get in to a bidding war or pull the trigger on those crazy high BIN prices he puts up.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael - Sounds like you're missing the tripod mounting plate. It's a separate plate that sits under the rails. If you want to adjust the camera higher, you could add a quick release adapter, or get the DSLR base plate that comes with adjustments up/down/left/right.

  12. OK, I don't know where to turn so here I am posting yet another question for Em and the rest of the Cheesycam faithful. I have a follow focus and the Run n' Gun Duo/Fig Rig from Express 35. I can't, for the life of me, figure out A) how to get the base plate plus the rods and follow focus to attach to a tripod. And B) raise the camera high enough (but also not too high as in the case when I have a battery grip) so that the follow focus will not get in the way of the lens and gears (or reach the gears on the lens when it's on the battery grip).

  13. Danny

    Just splurged and bought one right after I read this post. I already have a Gini rig, so this should pair up nicely, and your comparison video was also a selling point for this follow focus. Thanks for being on the ball with posting these deals.

  14. Like I said, I got mine bundled with a basic rig for $360 shipped and it does feel very well built. Do you have any opinion on how it would compare to the Trusmt FF? I'm on the market for a second rig and I saw a couple of glowing reviews for the Trusmt online. The Trusmt (who by the way are clearly hinting on their Ebay ads that they were the manufacturer for Letus) and it sells for $370 shipped with four gears and hard stops, whereas the Gini sells for $250 shipped with no gears.

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