Konova Slider – Crank Pulley and Motorized Upgrade

Konova Motorized Slider

There's been a huge variety of video camera sliders in the past year, but if you're still wondering what slider to get, maybe the Konova is one to look forward to. Highly regarded as the best bang for the buck, they are still adding in more options. I knew they had been working on a crank pulley and motorized accessory for quite some time, but Mark pointed it out that they are recently showing these options in their listings. [Thanks Mark].

From what I know, these upgradeable options are being designed to work with the existing K3 & K5 sliders if you already have one. I followed up to find out the Crank will be released first followed up by the Motorized upgrade. Target ETA end of this month. If you can read Korean, you can get more info and see more images of the new options only on the actual Konova listings following the link (click here).

Motorized Crank Pulley Slider Konova
find-price-button Konova Slider Upgrades Crank and Motor Accessory

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  3. Hey Clem,

    That's not what I'm looking for ...
    Finally I will get 2x 717 AH fluid heads to swap easily from the slider to the tripod without dismounting the fluid head from the carriage of the slider and remounting it on the tripod.

  4. Hi guys!
    I will buy a Konova K3 very soon but I try to make the best choices.
    I realised that on Konova's website you can get the 717 AH which has been reviewed here on Cheesycam as a pretty good fluid head even compared to manfrottos. They are even selling Slider Quick Plate & Quick shoe bbo20. Frank told me that "the quickshoe is for setting the slider quicker on any tripods
    U may replace it with other quick plate u have is ok".
    Don't know if these are the same kind as the ones from cheesycam (httpss://cheesycam.com/fancier-717-fluid-head-quick-release-teaser/).

    The idea is to have the slider with the fluid head on my tripod and being able to change from the slider to the tripod while keeping the fluid head. I don't know if the K3 carriage can be stopped. But even in that case I want to be able to get only one configuration or the other depending on the situation.

  5. Liam

    Does anyone know if the motor will be programable? For example for start - stop shots for time lapse?


  6. wow

    Thanks to Robert mentioned the konova web site.
    I am waiting konova slider upgrading for long time.
    Cuz K3 series are my favorate.
    I really expect to purchase K5 series.

  7. disco

    Just playing around a lil bit with the K5 and it seems really smooth!! I like that it doesnt slide as fast as the K3 seems to from what I have seen online! How do you guys store the slider? Do you take off the head and keep it in the bag everytime? Or did u maybe find a bigger bag?? Also is there a way to put a quick release plate to the bottom of the head so that u can take on and off quicker? Thanks!!

  8. @Kelly, I also kept the carriage tension at default...what I meant was the tension knob that you can tighten so that the carriage doesn't move (like when you have to transport it and you don't want it sliding around on you), that knob is no longer functioning. Rather than loosen the knob, the screw unscrews itself leaving the blue rubber piece stuck at the rails. make sense?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Fran Rivera - I use sliders that are around 30". If it's too long you need to carry two tripods and it doesn't pack up well and is awkward to carry.

  10. robert

    Great news i hope to buy it.
    How much will it be?
    Im really happy with this K5 slider. get it from amazon.

    besides, I found demonstration and details for K5 on konova website in english.

  11. @disco
    Well i cant really give an explanation about how to loosen the bolt under the carriage cuz i have it at its default tension. I do agree that the k5 doesnt roll as smooth as the k3 but i still find the k5 better. I particularly dont favor the extra loose movement which is why i like the k5 with its drag already set.

  12. disco

    Kelly, could you explain a lil more about the difference in the tension knob? Just received the K5 when I ordered the K3. I am happy I got a more expensive and newer slider buut I am concerned that there may be some first generation quirks... There is a lack of reviews on the K5 so any experience and opinions would be great to here from you! Thanks!

  13. @Mad
    The K5 is a little thicker using 3 large rollerbearings instead of the 4smaller ones that the K3 has. The K5 also has built in bubble levels one both sides of the rail.

    Yeah the tension knob isnt as good as the K3 but i like it with the default tension anyways so it doesnt matter that much to me.

  14. J Hanna

    WOO!!!I don't even need the motorized...just a crank would do. yes it is a smooth push...but human error makes it inconsistent. I've had to do takes 7 times just to get the timing of the slider move right. I'll be the first one to order that crank!!!

  15. Anyone else have an issue w/ the tension knob on the new K5 Slider?

    If I tighten it to the point where it would stop the stage from moving and then try to loosen it, the knob unscrews rather than loosens the tension, leaving me with no option but to use pliers where the rubber meets the slider under the stage.

  16. Emm,

    I have contacted Konova and in fact tried to order them. Unfortunately he won't accept my order as he told me that those accessories are still in DESIGN stage and will inform as soon as their are made available.

    Anyway, just ordered 5 Konova K3 and K5. K5 seems to be less smooth compared to the K3 version. Just saying based on the 80cm I got here. Haven't got the chance to try the others yet (60cm and 120cm).

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