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Konova Motorized Slider

There's been a huge variety of video camera sliders in the past year, but if you're still wondering what slider to get, maybe the Konova is one to look forward to. Highly regarded as the best bang for the buck, they are still adding in more options. I knew they had been working on a crank pulley and motorized accessory for quite some time, but Mark pointed it out that they are recently showing these options in their listings. [Thanks Mark].

From what I know, these upgradeable options are being designed to work with the existing K3 & K5 sliders if you already have one. I followed up to find out the Crank will be released first followed up by the Motorized upgrade. Target ETA end of this month. If you can read Korean, you can get more info and see more images of the new options only on the actual Konova listings following the link (click here).

Motorized Crank Pulley Slider Konova
find-price-button Konova Slider Upgrades Crank and Motor Accessory