Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus Systems

Jehu from Jag35 talks to Olivia and shows off their new Wireless Follow Focus system balanced on a Steadicam Merlin along with a Hacked Asus WiCast to send video to the focus puller. Jag35 has different version motors available depending on how much torque you need for the lenses you'll be using, giving you more affordable options. If you don't require a Wireless system, the same motors work with a tethered remote which they showed us on a seperate shoulder rig. After handling the units at NAB, they are very responsive, quick, and accurate for a Follow Focus on a budget. Gotta get me one of these. More information found below.

Jag35 remote wireless follow focus
find-price-button Jag35 Remote and Wireless Follow Focus systems

12 thoughts on “Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus Systems

  1. Tony

    Mmmmmm - very nice - had to watch a second time to notice the gear.....(and the gear weren't too bad either!)

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce - Looks good, but i'm not too familiar with that gear. I've seen them online, but they don't have a huge lineup of things.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce - Uh... I would have to go with D-Focus if you're on a budget or ikan if you're not. But also upgrade to those fancy super low profile zip gears found at WideOpenCamera.com.

  4. Bruce

    @Emm - im having trouble making up my mind on which follow focus to buy. im on a budget and just trying to find out which one is the best bang for your buck. which would you recommend out of these 3 the Dfocus, Idc follow focus, or the new ikan ele - fgk follow focus set up.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @kicap - It's pretty easy. Just give it 5V power and you're all good. It's not really any special hack. Find yourself a good 5V DC power source for both transmitter and receiver.

  6. kicap

    @Emm - I couldn't find the Hacked Asus WiCast system on Jag35 product pages. I would love to get that complete set of Jag35 + WiCast system as I already have a Merlin and GH-2. Do you know how can I complete this set like Jehu?


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabi - The noise is less with the higher end motors, but there will always be noise. This type of setup is mainly used with dual audio.

  8. Rabi

    Looks cool. How's the noise? Jag35's original electronic follow focus seemed kind of noisy in videos (though I've never used one). Have they made any progress on the motor volume?

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