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Thanks to Motegi for sharing a DIY handle upgrade to the IndieHardware Stabilizer. You can catch more of the DIY photos over at the Flickr found here. I did a brief overview of this stabilizer found at this article:, and like most others, wasn't happy about the stock short handle. The shorter handle actually felt like it had limited range of motion compared to the Hague MMC, but really the range is about the same. Motegi took a simple Jump Rope handle, and added this to the IndieHardware. Since the jump rope handle already has an included bearing, this actually helps improve stabilizing some additional axis movements. This looks like a nice OEM fit that would improve the handling quite a bit. Great job on the upgrade, thanks for sharing Motegi.

Funny how jump rope handles are used in DIY camera gear, as I've used a set in this DIY $20 dollar shoulder mount found here: .

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @David - Yup, might be out of business. Look into this one httpss://

  2. David

    I cant find anywhere to purchase the indiehardware. Seems to be out of business. Any suggestions? Need one fast

    Thank you

  3. KJC

    that's awesome, ive been trying to find a good replacement handle for this unit and that will work perfectly


  4. motegi

    I attached the jump rope handles by first removing the rope. The bottom of the handle has a simple plastic "plug" that can be popped out. Once the plug is out then feed the rope out of the base and untie it or cut if off.

    Now that the handle is "free" you can extract the bearing by sticking a phillips screwdriver through the center of the bearing and gently prying it out.

    Turning to the original Indiehardware Stabilizer handle it is simply screwed onto the ball joint shaft. Take a box wrench and unscrew the plastic handle.

    I believe that the thread on the ball joint shaft was 1/4-20. So all you need to do is take a 1/4-20 locking nut and bolt the jump rope handle bearing onto the shaft. Once the bearing is on the shaft just press the handle back onto the bearing.

    Takes all of 2 minutes. Maybe less.

    The jump rope handle cost $9.99 + tax. And you even have a leftover handle for another project!!!

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