$20.00 Dollar Should Mount Rig Camera Support

I'm not saying this DIy shoulder mount should be used with the new DSLR video cameras, but if you're rockin' a Canon HV20 / HV30 / Vixia HD camcorder or similiar sized cameras, this is a simple solution to getting great steady shots for under $20.00 dollars.

I was asked if I had any ideas for a cheap DIY Video camera shoulder support rig that was easy to put together and cheap.

Not recommended for heavy cameras, but for small consumer-cams, I think it's a great DIY Shoulder Mount Project.

Parts List:
Aluminum Flat bar (bend it to fit over the shoulder).
Foam insulation (used for shoulder padding)
Metal 'T' Bracket (combine this with the flat bar)
Handles (I used Jump rope handles because they already had an easy way to mount it to the bracket)
Black Appliance Epoxy paint (much stronger than acrylic)
A few nuts and bolts to hold everything in place.
I think you'll get the idea....
If you're using Canon DSLR's they also sell remotes that I believe may work with starting and stopping video recording.

If you're not a DIY person, check out this cheap Shoulder Support from eBay. Here's the product.
You can find the shoulder support from eBay by clicking this link, or the image below.

click image

4 thoughts on “$20.00 Dollar Should Mount Rig Camera Support

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  2. Thanks for this post! I finally finished mine but looking to add follow focus control...any ideas? Let me know!

  3. That´s truly inspiring; I´m thinking it might be improved by using some spring to get more stabilization in the axis of the T bar. If i make my own, i´ll show you!

  4. Srini


    Great rig. I'm sure going to use it to adapt to my shoulder rig...

    Just wondering, did you manage to make those upgrades you mentioned at the end i.e. the shotgun mic mount, LED mount, top handle, etc?
    Most importantly, how did/would you build the top handle?

    Thanks for your help.

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