Talking About Flash Options for Portraits

Showing how Flash is used for Outdoor Portraits

Flash is normally used when you find yourself in a dark lit situation, but professionals often use Flash in Bright Daylight. The flash is used to lighten the areas of Shadows normally cast by the sun. This technique provides a very unique look to outdoor portraits. To maintain Depth of Field in your aperture, you'll need to work with Flashes capable of High Speed Sync.

Featured in the video is this Rotating Flash Bracket

More flash brackets can be found here: !!Click this Link!!

This video from Pocket Wizards explains Digital SLR cameras and High Speed Sync pretty well.

If you're interested in the equipment i've used in this portrait session using High Speed Sync with your Canon Flashes, you can purchase the SpeedLite Transmitter Canon ST-E2 + Canon Speedlite 580 EX II from

2 thoughts on “Talking About Flash Options for Portraits

  1. Excellent videos, the young lady who spoke about flash has a great speaking voice and was right to the point. The family shoot was very enjoyable to watch, not too long and showed the results of the shoot. The HSS tutorial is the best I've seen to date, the animation completely cleared things up for me about HSS. We need more resources like this:)

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  2. Gaurav

    Where can I get this flash rotating bracket you are demonstrating in you're flash options video? Any help would be great. Thanks.


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