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Just some images comparing the latest DSLR View finder. - This is the Carry Speed VFinder next to the much more expesive LCDVF. The VFinder is a bit larger the LCDVF, but also has a much more comfortable Eye Cup. Neither loupes have a diopter feature and are mounted to the camera via metal sticky frame and magnets on the loupe. Both versions are available for 4:3 and 3:2 LCD screens from Canon T2i to Canon 7D. Of course the new VFinder is much much cheaper..

find-price-button New LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3″ LCD’s

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  1. Mike C

    Is Carry Speed basically just the US Distributor of the VFinder? As it's been mentioned, the CAPA model on eBay has all the same labeling, but is about $15 shipped. Is the magnet different?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Ed - Nope. It won't because LCD doesn't work the same as old CRT type monitors. Flash media is also not affected by magnets.

  3. Ed

    Do the magnets affect the LCD screen at all? Someone told me they can eventually either distort or completely damage the screen.

  4. Emm

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    @Alex - it's possibly the cheapest price with good quality. The 3:2 will fit, but once you put the sticky frame on the LCD, you won't be able to flip the LCD around into the body. If you're OK with that, it will work. You could of course get the Quick Release version of the Letus Hawk VF 3:2 for the 60D.

  5. Austin

    Been searching for hours for a review for this and finally found it here XD Almost forgot about this site. Might just have to get one now, im just worried about putting the magnet attachment on my lcd screen, any chance of damage?

  6. Yannick

    I attached it directly now. It's definitely a rather cheap construction considering it's price. What really sucks, is that you can't take off the lens to clean it. Cleaning it through the lightwell will produce even more dust. But it's better than nothing.

  7. Yannick

    @Emm: Will I be able to remove the adhesive completely? The second link was for the 550 as well. But it's maybe a bit thick. I have some doubts that the focusing still works.

  8. Emm

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    @EDIN AZIZ - 9 negatives in 12 months, but out of 864 sales. Positive feedback is 98.9% and you didn't click on the actual items with negative reviews. It's not even the same viewfinder we're talking about. That's a different viewfinder you're linking feedback from.


    I was just considering getting this one, but holding off on account of the disturbing feedback..and if you check the sellers own ebay feedback, it doesnt look too good either..9 negatives in 12 months all complaining to similar things @David mentioned.

    negative feedback -
    neutral feedback -

    Now I dont know which one to get, haha. Damnit!

  10. Emm

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    @Yannick - You could use that stuff, I have it on some of my cameras. The frame still holds in place with my lcd screen cover on. The second one would probably fit the GH2 if you cut it down a bit.

  11. Yannick

    @Emm: Wouldn't you recommend to use a foil or protector like:


    Or won't it help? I really need to resell it after my short.

    Would the second frame fit on the GH2?

  12. Emm

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    @Yannick - You can take the frame off, but you won't be able to re-use the adhesive. You would have to use the second one that came with your VFinder for the new camera. To remove the frame you can try using Dental Floss and slide it in between the sticky frame and LCD glass, work it side to side like you're cutting it away.

  13. Yannick

    I intend to resell the T2i later on. Will I be able to take off the frame afterwards, Emm? Or do I have to use screen protective foil?

  14. Emm

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    @David - Weird. You seem to be the first about any of those issues. Tons of other people have commented here too. httpss:// So did you end up taking pictures of the strips and other stuff?

  15. SkunkWorks

    Well this weird. I just went to leave the seller great feedback and there isn't even any record showing in my ebay anymore of any purchase. I get an error trying to reply to one of our previous correspondences because the item doesn't exist anymore so I had to find an alternate way to contact them to let them know I can't leave feedback. Their store is empty too. Their account is still active and others have recently left feedback. Strange. I wonder if my account is just having a hiccup right now.

  16. SkunkWorks

    Mine arrived today, just in time for an even I needed it for this weekend. Had an added bonus... I received 3 of them instead of the single one I ordered! Maybe that was compensation for the long wait on the backorder.

    As already mentioned by someone else, works great on my T2i (get the right one if you have a 3:2 LCD... model LVF-32), sturdy, clear and sharp. Small bit of pin cushioning but who cares. Noticed it fogging up a bit but that would disappear if I just pulled my eye away from it a little bit for a couple of seconds... will try some anti-fog wipes on it that I use on my car windshield interior side sometimes, they have some sort of coating.

    I already mentioned that I wanted the Carry Speed because of the big eye cup as it would allow me to still wear my +1.5 readers if need be... they won't be needed after all, I can focus my eye on the LCD fine with this unit without my reading glasses.

    Am very happy with Carry Speed. They told me they need a distributor in Canada and to maybe spread the word if I like their products. This is their first one I've purchased but I'm giving a thumbs up so far... to both the product and the company.

  17. Looks like the same one I bought last year, but with a red ring instead of gold foil. That one worked great for my needs, though I broke the magnetic piece when trying to move it from my D90 to my D7000. Thanks for the link for the replacement magnets! 😀

  18. Snoochie Boochie

    I ordered one of eBay, Low on stock they say but hopefully ill get mine soon, i think it looks keeewl!

  19. Jared

    Just got mine today for my T2i and it works perfectly. I have used the LCDVF before and I see no difference but the price. The guides in the corners are brilliant and really hold it snug. It is a great deal and I am very pleased with it. I now need a eyepiece chamois to make it more comfortable. Anyone know where to get this and what size?

  20. Lucent

    Anyone else find that the sticky frame covers up the edges of the LCD screen on the 7D/5D. This might be normal, but i'm not sure why it would be?

  21. Brandon

    Wow, this LCDVF by carryspeed is amazing. Very nice build. The eye cup is nice and big, works perfect if you wear glasses!!!!!!

  22. SkunkWorks


    Yeah that's exactly why I pulled the trigger on this Carry Speed. I need to use +1.5 reading glasses when using my T2i on the 24 buck shoulder mount because the LCD is too close. This one has no diopter adjustment and I checked into the Jag35 one that, although has an 11 diopter range, only goes to +1 ... but when I saw the size of the eye cup on this one I figured I can probably wear my readers with it. I guess I'll find out when it arrives 😉 From what you wrote, I am confident it will work out.

  23. @Tomasito - Mine arrived today for my T2i. It's awesome, clear, sturdy. Since I wear eyeglasses most of the time, I was hesitant to get one of these viewfinders. The extra large rubber cup on the carryspeed seem to work perfectly for my glasses too.

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Torben Scharling - The puffy eye cushions are an option. Some like it, some don't but it does help to keep light out. With the larger eyecup on the new one, it really helps to keep light out, but not to say you can't add a cushion. You just have to get a different one than what the LCDVF uses.

  25. I have an LCDVF frames stick on both of my5D and 7D. I added another 5D and intends to buy Vfinder. I want to know if the Vfinder will stick to the LCDVF frames?

  26. I'm very undecided which one to get... in another recent article, you posted pic's of the re-designed Meike LCDVF copy for the 550d with a round small eyecup (which doesn't fit with a soft pad?)

    Then this, which shows the eyecup of the hard to get(?) meike LCDVF 3:2 for 550d (the normal eyecup - which fits the red soft pad that you can get for it)

    And now finally, you have the above huge eyecup - which doesn't fit with a soft pad?)

    So my question is two fold: Which one should I get/why?

    And second: for the one that I should get, can I get the soft eyepad cushion thingy for it? (if not, do I need it?!)

  27. Emm

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    @Anh Dang - "From my eyes, magnification and clarity looks the same"... Just from what I can tell it looks pretty much the same, and the new VFinder is also a bit longer in length (further from lcd).

  28. Anh Dang

    wait the LCDVF's mag is 2x when it is said that this carry speed has 2.5x mag. Is it true? Since you said these two have the same mag?

  29. Emm

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    @Brent Pierce - From my eyes, magnification and clarity looks the same, but the quality of the magnifier and special coatings aren't. If you've seen the Meike stuff, it's pretty much like that. Everyone's pretty happy with it.

  30. Brent Pierce

    How are the optics? As far as you can tell. When looking into it at your LCD screen, do they look similar? Is one better than the other?

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