Price drop WF717A Fluid Head + Tripod

With the new Konova slider on the market the 717AH fluid head has become a popular accessory to complete the set. Recently there seems to be a small price drop in the WF717A Tripod + Fluid Head via Amazon. Unlike the bowl mount Fluid head, the one on the WF717A (this one) can be removed and used on your Konova slider, SpiderTrax Skate dolly, or other projects and you'll still have a very lightweight aluminum tripod + bag. Should be a standard 3/8" threaded mount.

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  1. jesco

    Thanks. I am new to tripods. Pardon the simple questions:

    For slider set up, would you recommend:

    TRIPOD: recommended 9901 or 717?
    FLUID HEAD: 717 (comes with 717 tripod, I believe?)
    ...or purchase separately if using 9901


    Should the ballhead fit on the tripod without the slider? Mine does not seem too.

    Thanks, J

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @jesco - A ball head is mainly for still photos or to get angles with your camera. Video fluid heads can only pan left/right and tilt up/down. Ball Heads can tilt in various angles. If you use sliders, you may end up wanting both types of heads.

  3. jesco

    Hello, I just bought the FT9901 tripod as recommended here: httpss:// Would you recommend the 717AH fluid head with that tripod (for slider set up) or is the above 717 tripod a better fit?

    When I bought the FT9901 tripod, I also ordered this ball head... should I return it and get the 717 fluid head?

    (It doesn't seem to fit on the FT9901)


  4. Emm

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    @Bdav - I'm not very clear on all the differences. They seem about the same as far as the fluid head goes.

  5. Out West

    Yea, I have actually looked at that Head. I was attracted to the 717AH Video Fluid Head you reviewed. Seemed a little more versatile with sliders and such than the Manfrottos. Looked like you had some trouble with the adjustment knobs on the sliders and dollies. Odds are the Manfrotto is a better quality Head but it may lack some the versatility of the717AH Head, not to mention the cost.

    Any Thoughts?

    BTW just got my LCD Viewfinder you reviewed today. Awesome find, love it!

  6. Out West

    Hey Emm, quick thanks for this site...most informative!

    Id like to have your take on this setup.

    The head you recommend.

    And the Manfrotto 05XPRO

    Dont mind spending the little extra or the weight. (I started shooting Video back on 3/4 =) ).

    Im just starting to mess with video on my T2i and want to get a tripod I can really grow into without breaking the bank to do photos and video. Is the Combo Head and Sticks as good in your opinion than this setup? Thanks!

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  8. SL

    Considering this tripod and all the other 717-ish: I've been trying to find a chinese distribution channel (not wholesale, though) to czech republic (EU) and it seems to me there is NONE.. How come you can buy a chinese tripod+head for $129 in the US, while the same thing from china would cost you $230-250, making the $60-90 postage from the US based Ebay sellers to my country actually cheaper?:)) It seems to me that every other item from china ships free, but it's somehow different with thee tripods.. And the rebranded ones sold in Eourope go for $280 + international postage..

    Anyone know of a chinese seller I could get these from? (for prices at least close to the $129 tag)

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - The one you're commenting on in this article is both a fluid head and a tripod. Just get the one in this article. That's all you need.

  10. Daniel


    Which tripod can I use that works with the WF717A and I can use to put a slider on top of?


  11. Emm

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    @Daniel - The WF717A fluid head will not work on that tripod. That tripod is for a 'bowl mount' which comes with it's own fluid head. If you're trying to put together a stand for a Slider, then YES you would need both. The Bowl mount can be the stand for the slider, and you'll need a Fluid head on top of the slider.

  12. John

    Yeah, unfortunately no WF717A tripods ship to Japan. The only seller on Ebay only ships to the US and Canada.

  13. Emm

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    @John - The legs for a 701HDV needs to be the standard 3/8" mount. I bought some carbon sticks a long time ago, but they are more for traveling. They work perfectly for just the camera and lens, but not something I would recommend for a slider. Are you looking for lightweight or heavy duty?

  14. John

    Thank you for the reply Emm. I still need a tripod, but that head looks really nice. I went shopping for tripods today at a department store, and found some decent ones for about a 150 bucks, but I'm sure none as good as value as you can find online.

    Any suggestion for legs for the 701HDV?

    Thanks again. I love your site.

  15. Emm

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    @John - That looks similar to the one I have. It's a bowl mount, so don't expect to remove the head for other projects. Other than that it works good. If you really have to pay extra just for a tripod, have you looked into the 701HDV head? I hear it's more available overseas and might be cheaper than paying all the shipping fees from here.

  16. Emm

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    @Brandon - There's three tiny screws underneath. Once you back those out, you can unscrew the entire head (counter-clockwise). Just gotta lock down the panning and then unscrew it.

  17. Brandon

    I just bought it and I love it! Very sturdy and nice build! The fancier 717A is the same thing right? cause thats what I got with it. I am also wondering how to remove the head!

  18. Emm

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    @Leo Telles - Yes, just like hanging sandbags, you add weight to your base, it can support a heavier top load without tipping over.

  19. Leo Telles

    So, as you said to @jordan, with a backpack in the middle, should avoid the "tip"? Because i need a lightweight to go to wedding shooting but a 'solid' one to work at my home projects, it might handle the slider with a counter weight in the middle?

  20. RL

    Hi Emm~

    Do you have another choice of tripod best for the Konova slider instead of the FT9901SLV

    I would love to get that, but the suppliers does not ship to overseas, except the US


  21. Trevor

    This seems like a great deal! I want to buy these right now, but I can't seem to figure out the max height, which is important to me because I'm a tall dude (6 ft 4 in). Any insight? Thanks!

  22. i think the WF-718 is even better

    * Fluid damping system ensures smooth pan and tilt camera movements
    * Built-in bubble spirit level for accurate horizontal level setting
    * Versatile -85°to +90°tilt range, 360°pan range
    * Independent Leg Spread
    * Quick release tripod shoe mount. Accepts 1/4" and 3/8" threads
    * Max operating height 1710mm
    * Min operating height 220mm
    * Folded height 680mm
    * Net weight 3400g
    * Max load capacity 9.0kg

  23. Emm

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    @Paolo - If you only require a tripod yes that's a solid tripod, but the bowl mount does not make it easy to use the fluid head elsewhere.

  24. Emm

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    @alwanneroy - If you're only looking for something to support a slider, then just get the WF717 with bowl mount. This is just a recommendation for a fluid head + tripod legs that are perfect for lightweight video camera use and traveling.

  25. Emm

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    @alwanneroy - Wow, without a bag, you'd need a pretty heavy set of legs. I have another tripod in the studio that I use, let me check that model number. It's really really heavy.

  26. alwanneroy

    So what if I want switch the head from a tripod to the slider and to use the same tripod for both (fluid head and slider )? without the bag under.
    What would you recommend ? and what would you recommend with the manfrotto 501hdv also ?

    Thanks a lot for your blog it's awesome it's always helping me so much !!!!

  27. I sold my old fluid head and legs very similar to these a year ago for $300...$130 is an awesome price, especially since the head alone on ebay is 90bucks.
    woo! ordered mine.

  28. Emm

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    @Brendan - The legs are weaker. Great for DSLR work, but too light for a heavy slider. You could weigh down the tripod using the bag hook. That might help.

  29. Emm

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    @Hello Stranger - That will work under the slider, but you can't take the bowl mount head off and place it on the slider. It's a different type of mount compared to the one in this article.

  30. Can you remove the ball on the other version to use the head with a slider? I like the idea of having a complete tripod and access to a head for my slider. The 717 with a ball looks better. Thanks. My Konova slider will be here soon.

  31. Nice, I've actually been waiting for this exact model to drop a bit in price.
    I bought the WF717, and even before following the advice & removing the stock gunk and replacing I was very happy with the smooth panning.
    The drawback is, that while it's solid, its heavy & the bowl mount can't be used elsewhere.

    This is the best of both worlds, I need portable sticks, and this head is like the swiss knife 'round these parts.


  32. Emm

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    @Jordan - These legs are very light weight. would be great for traveling and just dslr use, but if you push the slider too far, it would tip. of course with the bag hook in the middle you can weigh it down with a backpack. So it might work.

  33. Jordan

    Hi Emm,

    would you say this setup is a solid and complete support solution for the Konova slider?


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