New Stuff from Rode, Varizoom, Vello

find-price-button Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone

Not long ago Rode announced a new VideoMic Pro and now it's available. Didn't I just grab a new Microphone Windscreen over my VideoMic? This does not appear to be a replacement for the already popular VideoMic, but a new microphone altogether. Smaller form factor, better shock mounting, external switches, and a new +20db setting. Price obviously is more than the non-Pro VideoMic, but the new shock mount and smaller form factor already has me sold. Unlike the large VideoMic, this new VideoMic 'Pro' won't look as awkward when mounting on the smaller GH2 camera.

More Rode VideoMic Specs can be found here:

find-price-button Varizoom CrossFire Video Camera Stabilizers

If you've been hiding under a rock, you might have missed all the ads for Varizoom's Crossfire stabilizer. Seems like they are really pushing this product towards DSLR shooters. It's a hand held video stabilizer that combines a tripod as the lower weight. When you're not running around, you've got a tripod ready to go. This is another product similar to their stabilizer/monopod a.k.a 'FlowPod'. How well does it work? I don't know, but it's set at a price where i'm not willing to find out. So unless you really need a set of sticks under your stabilizer, you can find it here:

find-price-button Vello Battery grips for Canon and Nikon

If you're in the market for a Battery grip but don't want to pay the OEM prices, you might be shopping for aftermarket. If you're a bit hesitant on choosing after market battery grips coming from overseas then maybe the new Vello line of grips might be up your alley. Available for both Canon and Nikon in select models, shipped from the big retailer B&H Photo Video should you run into any issues. Found here: Vello Battery Grips

16 thoughts on “New Stuff from Rode, Varizoom, Vello

  1. In the UK and already got mine from ebay! 😀 Never had a Videomic, so not really sure how it compares, but I was extremely impressed with the quality. Its still ABS plastic, but feels very solid. Quite a price jump from a Videomic, but it is broadcast quality, apparently.

  2. Whats up Emm.
    I'm curious about the Vello grips - didn't see a 60D one though. Is my only option for a 60d after market grip the BG-E9?

  3. Just wanted to say i am loving my Rode VideoMic Pro and just waiting on my dead cat, Its a wonderful mic but the packing left something to be desired


  4. MisterO

    I'd like to hear a little about the Vello battery grips.
    I just received my chinese copy from Apucure and I'm very pleased with.
    I'm curious about the differences between those dudes.

  5. Aberz

    If it comes with deadcat, its very good deal. The deadcat by itself would cost you at least $30.

    Is it just me or this blog is most expensive to read, even tho it doesnt cost me a dime for subscription

  6. I actually won one of these mics from Philip Blooms contest. The folks at Rode were awesome and had it shipped to me (in New York) in less than a week. Considering it was coming from Australia and was free, I was impressed.

    The mic has a great form factor, and I think it will fit into my 60D rig nicely. I haven't really had the opportunity to do any in depth sound tests because I've been busy with a music video, but I'll report back as soon as I get around to testing her out.

  7. Media

    @ Pete McK
    I'm pretty sure you're fine. The AT875 is a better mic. This Rode one is more-so meant to be on cameras (just like the Rode Videomic before it - it is essentially the same mic), while the AT875 is a boom pole mic.


    When they say "Note! Free "DeadCat VMP" furry windshield available via redemption.", how does that actuallly work? Do you have to redeem it somehow or does it automatically ship with the Videomic Pro?

  9. Pete McK

    Grrrrr. I pre-ordered this Rode Video Pro from B&H on Mon. Then decided to cancel Tuesday and get the AT875 because I didn't want to wait around forever not knowing when or if the Rode would be shipping. The AT shipped earlier Wed. So I'll be very interested to hear feedback on this new Rode as to whether I return the AT875.

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