Hoodman WristShot Video Camera Support

Hoodman H-WS1 WristShot Camera Support System

This bowling brace looking camera support is called the Hoodman WristShot, and it's used to transfer the weight to the forearm while still allowing you to control the camera. It looks crazy, but If you think about it, it makes a tad bit of sense. For DSLR shooters, one arm is usually holding the camera weight while the other is maintaining focus. In that situation, it would be difficult to try and keep the camera stabilized. It may even aid in keeping the Horizon level on the camera and reduce vibrations from wrist movements. For those renegades who shoot solely hand held, and can't stand the restrictions of large stabilizers, this might be a helpful solution. Cost wise? I'll let you decide, following the link here: Hoodman H-WS1 WristShot Camera Support System

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  1. JSS

    Hey Emm, have you ever used the Hoodman 16x9 HD-300 video Monitor Hood? I was thinking of getting this instead of view finder for use on the 60d on and off a Flycam nano. I haven't used a viewfinder before but since I cant really use it on the nano I thought a hood might be more useful for the flip out screen. Any advice. Thanks again for your work on this site.

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