DIY Follow Focus Projects

Here's two videos showing some innovation around DIY Follow Focus projects. This first one (above), sent to me by Phuong H., is a DIY follow focus designed for the Sony NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Handycam Camcorder. This is probably the first DIY project ever on one of them fancy shiny new camcorders. There's not much information on how you can DIY yourself, but this video might turn on a few light bulbs in your head.

The second video (below), shared by Robert J. takes the simple hose clamp DIY follow focus idea and drums up a new way of adding dry erase focus marks, so that you can wipe them down and start all over.

2 thoughts on “DIY Follow Focus Projects

  1. Snudur

    I think if you want to make a belt follow focus, idea nr.1 is the way to go! this doesn't put strain on the lens and camera like the others out there. I would like to make a belt ff and my problem with it has been how I can do it without it pulling on the camera and possibly losening the bolt on the base of the camera.

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