Hands on with Canon 60D

Den Lennie's got a hands on review of the highly anticipated Canon 60D. Shows us on video what relative size looks like and some information about Canon's first DSLR articulating LCD screen. There's also a sneek showing Canon's latest Zoom / Fisheye combination lens and Manual Audio levels with some type of new filtering. Pretty cool stuff, which may change some disappointment on the lack of ground breaking technology everyone was hoping for. There's some very small features that definitely addresses some of the short comings of the Canon T2i and even the Canon 7D, so is the extra few hundred dollars worth an upgrade for T2i users? As usual will be hard to locate once it's officially released, i'm just hoping my early jump from this article will pay off: http://cheesycam.com/another-hot-item-to-pre-order-canon-60d/

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9 thoughts on “Hands on with Canon 60D

  1. JR

    Wow... thanks for the post! I'm 99% sold on this camera now. Still waiting to see the specs on GH2 next Tuesday, but the latest rumors are saying it will only have 1080i60... a bit disappointing. Nikon was fairly impressive with D7000 except they left out 720p60... huge disappointment. With about $1K for a camera body this fall, the Canon 60D is officially in the lead!

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  3. Emm

    Post author

    Let's not misunderstand statements. I think we are all just anxious to see some unheard of features that have never been produced, regardless of camera manufacturer. Perhaps 4D Holographic displays that shoot out like R2-D2!

  4. getem

    The point Im making is, the Canon 7d cost like around $1500-1600 and this camera is like $1099-1200 and has an articulating LCD. Now while that might not seem big to most what I see from Canon is this.

    A camera with basically the same features ( video wise ) for less and now has a flip out lcd. This to me is huge.

  5. Leo Telles

    I agree with you steve, i have a t2i and want to see more Canon huge improvements, and the lcd screen is not that big of a deal for me to sell mine and buy the 60d.

    And yes, the video is out of sync here too, i'm watching in Safari on a Snow Leopard.

  6. steve

    I'm not quite sure what got you so angry. You didn't design the camera, so its not a personal attack on you.

    I don't own Canon so its not huge for me. I'm hoping to see more improvements that other cameras don't already offer.

    The lack of 'record out' for the Gh1 is a real drag, I agree. I also think the image quality is much lower on the Gh1.

  7. Mike

    Thanks for the video link. I'm hoping they start shipping pre-orders out pretty soon. I sent my new T2i back once I saw this.

  8. getem

    What does panasonic have to do with this camera?..... Nothing. That's like saying who cares if your rich other people have been rich....

    The point is this is HUGE for CANON, because it is something they never had. Just like if the Gh1 ever gets record out to a live tv which is something they do not have an canon does

    You see where we're going here?

  9. steve

    The panasonic lumix has always had the articulating screen. I must admit that I prefer the canon 7D and T2i in terms of image quality but this new canon feature is old. I'd like to see some real canon improvements before I trade in my older lumix GH1's for a couple of 60D's.

    Maybe its my player, but the video above is out of sync and the background noise is set really high. I don't mean to pick it apart but those kinds of things are distracting me from the info.

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