One Day before the Rumble – Tascam DR-08 vs Zoom H1 Review


2 more Zoom H1 Digital Portable Audio Recorders finally arrived from my pre-order. Wow, seems like that took forever, but I don't feel bad since even the top retailers are still showing 'out of stock' on this item. So in short, the pre-order still worked. Now i'm just waiting for my Redhead Windscreen for the Zoom H1 to drop in any day now for some wind tests examples.


One more day and the Tascam DR-08 should drop in for a nice side by side review against the Zoom H1. Since the H1 is already slightly cheaper it has an advantage, but i'm curious to see if Tascam can get more market share in the DSLR Ultra-Portable Audio recorder game.

10 thoughts on “One Day before the Rumble – Tascam DR-08 vs Zoom H1 Review

  1. Amado

    I think you may need a second hand to review this stuff. I may just have to meet you over at the batcave.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    The DR-07 was announced early last year and is larger than the new DR-08. Sound quality I believe is the same, but i'm using the DR-08 since it can fit in a pocket. If possible I want to add the new Sanyo Xacti Portable Sound Recorder but it hasn't landed in the states yet. If it does happen to land stateside, the true retail price might be under $140 dollars. I'll let you know if that ever happens.

  3. What's the difference in the Tascam DR-07 and the DR-08, position-able mics? I noticed that B&H has a "similar item" link to it from the H1 and the DR-07 is going for $99.

  4. Thanks Emm, Snagged one! I almost snagged both of them, but figured I'd wait and let American Musical ship me the other one when their shipment comes in.

  5. That's awesome that you received yours. I pre-ordered from American Musical thinking that since it wasn't one of the more popular places I'd do alright. They originally told me Sept 3 ship date, and it still hasn't shipped. I'm quite irritated actually. I wanted to purchase a couple more, but I wont be buying from them. From what I can tell, everywhere is wiped out right now.

  6. My initial purchase choice was the small Tascam or the H4N as the H1 wasn't out yet. I never used the H4N as it didn't suit my purposes. My point is that in Tascam DR-08 vs Zoom H1 that little tripod socket on the H1 makes a world of difference in usability.

    The adjustable microphones on the Tascam are also finicky and not very sturdy in addition to not being guarded as they are on the Zoom H1. Another reason why I didn't like the Tascam and why the H1 looks way better.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    I noticed that too, but a Zoom H4n is quite different than the Zoom H1. If used in a pocket to replace a body pack, the Tascam might have the upper hand. We'll have to do a side by side and see what they are both good and bad for.

  8. I had the Tascam DR-08 until I lost it over the weekend. The audio quality was fine, I always paired it up with the little Sennheiser mic and it sounded good. The one HUGE disadvantage to the Tascam was it's lack of tripod mount socket on the back. The advantage of purchasing the small audio recorder over the H4N for me was it's small footprint and weight when adding it to my rig. Unfortunately it was a pain to mount (I used velcro strips or rubber bands) and having no solid mount played a big part in me losing it on my gigs over the weekend.

    In my opinion that alone makes the new Zoom worth it.

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