Hague DSLR Motion-Cam Sample and Review


Eelke D. over on Vimeo gives us a bit of insight on the Hague DSLR Motion Cam - Camera Stabilizer. I can't remember who exactly asked me about this stabilizer, but sounds like they needed a bit more information. The handle uses the same limited range ball tie rod end (maybe a bit larger) as the smaller Hague Mini Motion Cam Stabilizer which is designed similar to the Tiffen Steadicam Merlin. The Hague DSLR Motion Cam Stabilizer retail price also sells for more than a Flycam Nano as demonstrated by kaydawgy in this article: http://cheesycam.com/flycam-nano-excellent-demo-video/.

Especially because of what it's priced at and the available competition, I've got my own personal opinions about this particular Hague stabilizer. This is why it's never been featured on this blog. Since someone else has taken their time out to share a review, and some people have been looking for information about it, here it is. Thanks Eelke D.! I'm going to sit back and leave you with the video, but i'll be interested in seeing some comments at the video jump here: https://vimeo.com/14803818

4 thoughts on “Hague DSLR Motion-Cam Sample and Review

  1. Luke

    I have 2 MMC from hague. and for over a yr, I never knew that my balance recipe was wrong. I shot a yrs worth of video (my kids) incorrectly.

    I use to use a canon hv20, ext battery, video light, canon wide lens on a hague MMC. I got it to balance without falling over. So I thought i had it correct...

    A yr later, was balancing my flip HD, sanyo xacti, canon sd1000, and after watching emm, and other videos. I then learned ... I was doing it wrong the whole time!!!

    I'm still learning but the video is not stable because he did a poor job balancing! ( chime in whenever EMM!)

    I saw this device when hague released it about 6-8 months ago, but I never bought it because to shoot video like with a stablizer with the accs i want, i would need a VEST and a arm.

    Arms/Vest are not cheap, they don't pop up on cg or ebay often, and when they do... They are still over my budget!

  2. Jonny

    I liked the footage, i have been looking for a good price one and didnt want to spend, tonnes i am waiting for it to arrive and i am now worried it was a wasted investment, but i feel it was good enough footage for me anyway 🙂 you not gunna get pro results for £150!!!

  3. MisterO

    I totally agree with you Jay, it doesn't look stable at all.
    Looks like it's always tilting from left to right.

    I can't imagine that stabilizer attached to my 7D 🙁

  4. JayDee

    Like most low-price stabilizers, it's fluid, but not stable. Of course, again, it mostly depends on the guy operating it. I took my old Steadicam jr out of the mothballs and it works great with my T2i. Much more stable than these pieces of...

    Well, to be fair, the jr was a bit more expensive. And I think I'm a pretty good operator (and modest !).

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