Shape ‘ing new DSLR Camera Stabilizers

A couple of new DSLR rigs and accessories just appeared almost instantaneously. There's plenty of new videos just recently uploaded to Vimeo and auction listings on eBay are also new. I remember watching this company for quite some time now, but this new lineup of DSLR stabilizer and accessories just popped out of nowhere. Instead of looking quite bare with simple rods and clamps, this is based around some weird hybrid design of flat plates, brackets, pads, and still have areas to adapt standard rods to mount other accessories from other brands. No doubt, it definitely looks cool. All is not totally clear right now, but i'm hoping i'll get a chance to see these rigs in person to get a better 'look over'.

Since things are quite new with these rigs, there's plenty of listings with the option for 'Best Offer'. Word of mouth, getting the products into the hands of DSLR shooters, and just plain visibility is key to grow any new product, so who knows if you can drop a 'Best Offer' and grab one for a steal. I'm sure they'll be excited to get these things out on the street. Here's the product links to the Shape DSLR Camera Stabilizers and Accessories.

Shape DSLR Camera Supports

4 thoughts on “Shape ‘ing new DSLR Camera Stabilizers

  1. Levi VanderKwaak

    the secound add was terrible i thought. It had a crapy voice over and the audio didnt match up and looked really unprofessional. thats just me though

  2. Sean

    I have their "Red Mamouth" kit for my Panasonic HMC's and it's great, but the price has since gone up. For example, the 'Red Mamouth I kit' now goes for 629.99 and comes with the counter-weight and the 'shape box', whereas I purchased that exact bundle (no special deal, regular MSRP) for 399.99 only a few months ago.

    At that price it was fantastic, but I'm not sure the new offerings are equal to the price point, especially when you consider what Zacuto and company have to offer. Having said that, I haven't tried their DSLR "designed" offerings so maybe there is some real value there.

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