Great Information on Sony RX1 Full Frame Compact

There has been quite a few articles about the Sony RX1, but I think this PhotoPlus 2012 video has some of the best insight about Sony's Full Frame compact camera, and why they couldn't make it an Interchangeable Lens Camera. The lens is actually recessed into the camera body, and the shutter is fit into the lens. There is some additional information in the video such as a comment about uncompressed HDMI output for external recorders. The new Sony RX1 should begin shipping in about a week and can be found for $2800 dollars via B&H (click here).

Sony RX1 Camera
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5 thoughts on “Great Information on Sony RX1 Full Frame Compact

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Jimmy - I knew a guy who purchased a Canon 5D Mark II ($2800 at the time) + a Canon EF 35mm L ($1500). The only lens he carried and the only lens he used. This Sony RX1 would be the same camera for him, but smaller, and probably sharper. There will be an audience for this camera, no doubt. It's just not practical for people who need to swap lenses.

  2. Jimmy

    I think it's a fair price. The lens and the sensor justify it. Many people say it will fail but there a lot of reportage photographers and Leica owner wannabes who will see this as an alternative they can afford. A Leica m and 35 cron is going to be $10000 in australia where im from and image quality not much better if any. It will sell enough and will be seen as a classic. It would be nice if people took their I hate Sony hats off and critiqued this product on its merits without brand bias. Video is meant to be amazing and image quality superb. I'll be getting one and it will sit alongside my Nikon d800 which almost exclusively has a 24-70 on it. I bet I use it a whole lot more for general shooting than the Nikon which Will be my default work tool. And I bet I use it for work a fair bit too.

  3. Rabi

    While I agree that the price is hard too swallow for a fixed-lens camera, I am really curious to see the image this thing puts out. On paper it is very intriguing. With a 35mm lens and that body size, I could see this having traction with street photographers with money to burn.

    I will say this: I would hope anyone spending three grand on a camera understands that pop-up flashes suck. Sony should have left it out and used the space for an integrated EVF.

  4. imgpro615

    i think apostolos is onto something here...SONY is known for proprietary formats and single purpose goods in the name of being first...but through it all, they do it damn nicely

  5. This is such a luxury item. $2800 and no interchangeable lens capability. It's just so you can buy it and show off to your neighbor. What a complete waste of manufacturing capability and resources. "It's the camera only Sony could make..." That's right.

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