Aputure Mini Rig Cyber Monday Deal

The Aputure MagicRig (sometimes listed as Polaroid Rig) is a mini 15mm rig used to stabilize small or lightweight video cameras comprised of a chest pad, one handle, and quick release plate. Amazon has just added this little stabilizer to it's Cyber Monday Deals (found here).

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10 thoughts on “Aputure Mini Rig Cyber Monday Deal

  1. Hey Emm,

    I know I'm taking it back with the post above, but looking for a solution to mount a gun/chest stock rod and vertical support/pad off the back of my gearbox. I shoot outdoors for many clients and would like to have a lightweight 3 or 4 point contact solution with the Gearbox handles, Dp4 eyecup and a chest support. I have the 15mm rods with Gearbox. I purchased that 21 dollar monopod legs and found the MePhoto screws in perfect and have the gearbox on top with a Manfrotto 394 quick release. Its awesome for taking off weight when moving and setting, but if those feet catch a branch or rock i'm done. LOL So if I compress the monopod back up to 2 feet and want to take off, I want that extra point to release the weight on my arms. Any ideas to mod the Gearbox with a gun stock style option that would be acceptable in front of the client? I have the same original Gini Rig you have, but like you said that thing is heavy. They have that VS 8 out now, but i would like to keep it simple for run and gun. You should design something, even if its with existing 15mm angle clamps or off the 15mm Gearbox platform. I appreciate your time.


  2. Victor Trias de Bes

    Hi guys, I'd like to order one of these however i'd like to know if is possible to buy a second handle.

  3. Just got one of these for Christmas. It's my first use of any 15mm rod system and I definitely think it's a little awkward. 🙂 However, with a few extra items (a follow focus, extra rods, quick release and matte box) it'll make a might fine rig. Great way to start.

  4. imgpro615

    ...man i must have gotten a good one because I love the fact that I have a zacuto target shooter and striker for a fraction of the cost...I added my cheap follow focus and camera platform for a low end crossfire...
    I modded mine by removing the quick release plate and replacing it with a giottos QR plate MH621...now it is compatible with all my other stuff...works a treat for small event type shooting...

  5. Scott

    For 38$, it's not that much less less than the 42$ that the Opteka one is selling for... not a very good Cyber Monday deal, IMHO.

    If you weren't going to buy one anyways, it's not really much of a deal. (Thanks for the heads up though)

  6. You're using it wrong.

    Sorry, I just thought it was funny to say it quoting SJ. But yeah, I also have it, it's so-so, but it kind of works. My main issue is that there's still some shakiness if the camera is not too heavy, and, well, it's not confortable to use with a heavy camera. But it's much better than no rig at all, and it's cheap.

    The "you're using it wrong" thing comes because I find it much more confortable to use if I assemble it the other way around: with the handle on my left hand, and my right hand controlling the camera. That way it's better balanced, and you don't have to fight it so much (which is what leads to those handle and clamp issues).

  7. I have this one... the clamps are so so as well as the handle, stock and quick release. But like J Hanna said.. if you need extra rails... not too bad a deal.

  8. J Hanna

    The handle spins making it complicated to grasp and the shoulder stock is only so so. BUT. For 38 bucks it is worth it for the extra 15mm rails and all the clamps.

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