GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition In Hand

Cheesycam GoPro Hero3+ Camera

Announced first thing this morning, and already my new GoPro Hero3+ Camera is in hand. Immediately I can see the buttons are designed differently than the previous Hero3 along with the housing. The lens cover has also been changed. I'll dig a bit more and post a few updates soon...

The new GoPro Hero3+ Cameras Are Shipping Now.

15 thoughts on “GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition In Hand

  1. Jonathan Brousseau

    For crying out loud!!! Can we at least have exposure lock??
    Please!!! really crying!!!

  2. Emm and Users,

    Did you receive a skeleton back door with the new HERO3+ Black? We ordered two units one from GoPro's website and another from Best Buy. The Best Buy unit did not include the skeleton backdoor. We contacted GoPro and they responded that the camera does include the skeleton backdoor and my unit just didn't have it in the box. We have not received the other unit yet to know if it's an isolated incident.

    The battery door on the GoPro still tells you to use the skeleton backdoor for speeds under 100mph. But they didn't include it.. Who else is having this problem?

  3. Guy

    I just updated my iPhone 4s as well, and am sad to report that there's no improvement there in the live view delay - it's still about 4 seconds. So maybe the delay was always better with Android devices. I'll also be looking at the side-by-sides to see whether it's worth an upgrade.

  4. @Guy - that is great to know! I think i'll hold on to my hero 3 unless head to head comparison shows great improvement in visual quality

    waiting for hero 3+ vs hero 3 head to head!

  5. BlueBomberTurbo

    @David Kessler: GoPro's new editing software has a distortion correction option. Photoshop and Premiere CC also have this available now, and they work perfectly.

    @Bob: What card(s) are you using?

  6. Bob

    Well I have a hero3 black too and the delay is small potatoes to that it locks up and freezes all the time.

  7. I read that there is less barrel distortion. That is actually the primary thing keeping me from integrating the gopro into my work. Please, if you can address that in your review, I would appreciate it. 🙂

  8. Guy

    I have the Hero3 Black, and my biggest complaint about it is the 4 second delay on the "live" view via the GoPro app. It isn't really that useful if you're trying to hold your framing while shooting action, like skiing or snowboarding. I started to think about selling my Hero3 and taking the loss on the upgrade, but then the GoPro App update showed up on my Android tablet so I thought I'd see if the live view also improved on my Hero3. Here's the great surprise: it's now a pretty usable 1 second delay, which I figured must still be behind the 3+. However, when I checked GoPro's website, this is what they're claiming for the Hero3+, which means that for at least one of the improvements of the 3+, all you need is the upgraded App.

  9. BlueBomberTurbo

    How long does the burst last? I know you could do 30fps full res burst on the original Black, spaced out for 1 (30fps), 2 (15ps), and 3 (10fps) seconds total.

    Beyond that, my biggest question is, does the new battery fit the old camera? 😉

  10. I just bought on Monday hero3 🙁

    hope so will be only cosmetic difference between them , still thinking hero 4 should be like 120 fps in 1080p and 60 in 2,7k - this is point where fun started.

    regards Dariusz

  11. Kind of good that I waited.. I received a Sony ActionCam for free so have been using that but it would be good to just a GoPro finally haha

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