2013 DVExpo – Dracast, Alzo, BeachTek, & Redrock Micro

About a week ago, I was in LA and decided to stop by the 2013 DVExpo show. I only hung out for a few hours and had just enough time to chat with a handful of vendors, and here's a couple of videos from the show.

Dracast LED Lighting
First up is Rodney from Dracast showcasing a few products from the Pro Series and Studio Series line of LED Video lights.

Product info: https://Dracast.com

Dracast - 95 CRI Rated LED Lighting

Alzo Digital
Alzo Digital displayed quite a few products, but we only had enough time for Drew to show us the Alzo Bod-A-Boom (found here), an adjustable wearable camera support system.

Product info: https://AlzoDigital.com
ALZO Video: Innovative & Affordable DSLR Gear

BeachTek Audio
Harry over at the BeachTek booth shared a a few interesting multi-functional audio products including the new DXA-SLR Ultra which is a preamp that attached directly under a camera and can attach 15mm Rails.

Product info: https://www.beachtek.com

Redrock Micro
Brian with RedRock Micro showed off a few products that can expand the use of their Cobalt Cage for the GoPro Hero cameras. A small adapter can be added to support threaded filters, and an external battery case supports (4) AA batteries to allow for longer run times.

Product info: https://redrockmicro.com

2 thoughts on “2013 DVExpo – Dracast, Alzo, BeachTek, & Redrock Micro

  1. Max

    Looking at all these companies that are building ever increasing kits that use the camera hot shoe: you are supporting the weight of the kit and the camera on a pretty sensitive part of the camera. The hot shoe is there to support a flash, not support the mass of matt-boxes, microphones, booms, handles, rail systems, pre amps, etc...

  2. scottrellwi

    The Beachtek products look promising. I know they haven't sounded as good as the JuicedLink products, but the form factor sure seems better.

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