GH2 External Extended Battery Power Pack

Thinking about shooting with your GH2 camera longer than usual? Unfortunately Panasonic doesn't offer an OEM version battery grip to run dual batteries, but this GH2 External Battery Kit could help you out.

Christian writes in with positive news that this single battery lasted longer in a recent shoot, than several internal batteries from a previous shoot [Thanks Christian]. The kit comes with an 8500mAh rechargeable battery, GH2 Dummy battery, and necessary cables with DC 12V 6500mA, DC 9V 8500mA, and DC 5V 15000mA to power both the Panasonic GH2 camera, and 2/3" zoom professional video lenses. Check out the Panasonic GH2 Extended Battery Kit via eBay (Click Here).

GH2 Extended Battery Pack
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If you happen to require more than one battery, you can stock up on more cheap CCTV type batteries found on eBay (Click Here).
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19 thoughts on “GH2 External Extended Battery Power Pack

  1. @Bob Krieger - I think you should take a look at Indiprotools new systems. The GH4 I hear might be pretty finicky with aftermarket power adapters if it's not the exact voltage. It will shut off and say something like 'not compatible'.

  2. Emm, I know this is an old post, but I'm looking at the "kit" for a GH4 and perhaps a Lumix G7 system. I see the battery has a 5V USB output as well. This looks like it would power the camera (via 9V), mu audio recorder via USB, and perhaps a monitor via the 12V output?
    Couple of questions you might have an answer for: 1. How long might one of these last for camera only? 2. Can the battery actually be used on all outputs at once? 3. (Not that you'd have an answer but...) If you could power all three... running time?

    Thanks man! Love your info, knowledge, and site!

  3. adn


    Dave did you fixe the problem you had with this battery kit, as I want to buy one, but I'm little scared to have the same problem as you.

  4. Dave

    I purchased this battery, and while it worked the first few times I used it, now my GH2 reports a message that it can no longer use the battery. Of course, I double checked the charge on the battery, and confirmed that it works with other gear. Not sure what happened, but I am reluctant to use it with my GH2 for fear of damaging the camera.

  5. don

    hey did any one fing out if you can use this with the T21 I did a shoot today and it really sucked useing the battery grip any info would be great thanks don

  6. Mordy

    Man, I got all excited, as I need to shoot a live even in about 2 weeks. But all of these batteries ship from China!

    That means around 3-4 weeks average to arrive- there's no way I'll get it in time!

  7. WhoAreU2JudeMe

    Just bought one off Ebay and it does power on! A great relief after a spare battery I bought from Amazon gave me the message: "This battery cannot be used." 🙁

    I have enough cables to connect the DCC8-Adapter to the YSD-998 then to a wall plug via the SYD-12V. Does anyone know if this is safe to do? I couldn't find an answer on Google which I naturally assumed knows all. 🙁

    Thanks CheesyCam for the info!

  8. Yup, this one's a lot safer. The 9V socket is much smaller than the 12V, so you can't mix them up or put the plug in the wrong socket. The kit comes with an adapter cable to attach the dummy battery to the supplied cables from the external battery, since it won't directly connect by itself.

  9. Ricky

    9 volts should be fine but beware of overvoltage (12 volts is too high)! I powered my GH2 with a freshly charged racepack battery (LRP, Hyper Pack, NiMH 8.4 V, 4600 mAh) and it blew up and I had to send it in to replace the power board which was not that cheap. I did not reverse polarity (I checked it with a multimeter right before connecting). Voltage of a freshly charged race pack was quite high and above 11.5 Volts. I had better used a DC-DC-converter for about 9 Volts. Can anybody give me a source for such a DC-DC converter or a building plan to soldering on my own? Thank you in advance.

  10. Greg

    Very cool low-cost battery to power my gear. Looks like I'll be buying one of these to run my 7D and DP4 monitor on the rig

  11. There are some motorized C-mount and ENG lenses out there that can work with the GH2, though the ENG mount adapters are expensive. Then you just need a power adapter cable (eBay/China) to power it up. I think you can only use power zoom, though, since I never see a focus adjustment button/switch on these lenses. Probably controlled directly by the proper camera body.

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