OCZ Solid State Drives – Gold Box Deals

Earlier this week I posted up a few videos about possible inexpensive Seagate Thunderbolt adapters (found here). This could be a great speedy solution for Video Editors that need to edit from an external drive. Today Amazon has the OCZ Agility 3 Solid State drives on Gold Box Deals, in case you were thinking about experimenting. Check out the OCZ drive sales (Click Here).

OCZ Solid State Drives
find-price-button OCZ Technology 2.5-Inch Sold State Drive


4 thoughts on “OCZ Solid State Drives – Gold Box Deals

  1. rick

    OCZ is crap.

    Did own 8 SSD from OCZ...all broke within a year (some twice or three times within a year).

    Switched to Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung and Crucial.
    Aöö of these working without problems.

    Never again OCZ...even if its cheap.

  2. Shelby Woo

    Looks like A LOT of bad reviews about drive failures after a short time use. They must be clearing out stock knowing this!

  3. Just so people know, the reason OCZ is so cheap right now is that they're some of the least reliable SSD drives on the market. Not to say that they're bad, they just have higher failure rates. Something to be aware of. They're great for speed, but you shouldn't necessarily rely on them for mission critical storage.

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