GGS DSLR 3X LCD View Finder Loupe

Yeah i'm here at the airport waiting for a flight, so why not cover a little blogging while i'm here? I received the GGS View Finder from this eBay seller just last night, and I have to say i'm pretty impressed. Well of course I didn't give it a second look when it was being offered for over $120 dollars, but now at it's current price, it's a sweet little loupe.

There is a diopter for those with less than perfect vision, the flip up part (which I thought was gimmicky) is actually very functional. No need to remove the view finder, and it still provides excellent shade from external light. The frame sticks to the LCD much like the other frames, but actually locks the View Finder in place with no Magnets. In order to remove it, you push a little release tab. So it doesn't fall off as easily.

The Frame is also an LCD protector, so theres a coating of glass with the frame. If you're curious the Blue Star cushion that fits the other view finder, also works perfectly on the eye cup which makes it even more comfortable.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @sluggsy - Not from this version. There are a few view finders for 5D Mark III but they will be $130+.

  2. Emm

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    @RichardC - All of these LCD View Finders will block glare from your screen, but what camera are you using? Different view finders work on different cameras.

  3. RichardC

    Emm, I need something to view the LCD screen when it's very sunny (and, consequently, when the screen is completely unviewable) tobe able to judge whether the polarising filter I'm using to darken the blue of the sky, is at the right angle. Will this item help do that?

  4. Ray Walton

    Thanks Emm for the helpful reply, assume then any adhesive left sticking to the LCD or camera body can be removed with a little nail polish remover or similar solvent.
    Well as that was all that was holding me back I will go ahead now and get myself one. Only about US$80 here in Thailand which is pretty good value I reckon.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Ray Walton - Yes it's possible to remove it without any problems to the LCD. If you want to remove it, take a piece of dental floss and work it in between the frame and your LCD. Then pull back and forth to cut through the adhesive. Mine has already been off for a few months.

  6. Ray Walton

    I still have not seen an answer to the question as to whether it is possible to remove the LCD protector and viewer mount WITHOUT damaging the camera itself. I have just brought a brand new EOS 5D MkII so do not want to end up devaluing it with damage around the LCD screen should I wish ever to sell it trade it in for say a MkIII in a year or two.

    Appreciate that once and if ever removed, a new LCD protector frame mount would be needed so assume these can be obtained should later I need to use this unit again or with another similar camera.

    Have seen similar LCD viewfinders that fix to the tripod mount on the camera and which can therefore be totally removed and refitted quickly and easily without damage to camera. Problem is these units I see are over US$200!!! Why should they be so much more expensive I wonder as this seems a far better solution.

  7. Ok, so for those of you wondering about the 60D, I've modded the 'Perfect' viewfinder to fit it. (Not sure if it's a rebranding or a copy of the GGS, but it works - although the top hinge feels a bit weak and the x3 view is WAY too much. I much preferred the view on my old x2.5 one - )

    The mod was easy and all it took was a knife and 15 minutes.
    This video explains it but doesn't show the finished mod because i need a second camera in order to film the back of my 60D so will film part 2 soon.

  8. Florin

    Do the screen mounts from this viewfinder or those from non-sticky alternatives like protect the camera's LCD from sunburn? or is there another budget viewfinder that does this?

    I am generally careful but better safe than sorry...

  9. @Gonso yes I just saw one!
    (From the seller 'jinfinance' in case someone is viewing this after the listing has been deleted.)

    Just got mine in the mail for my new 60D. I haven't stuck it on yet, really considering taking the screen protector off the mount so I can cut out the sides of the mount so there won't be any crop. The crop would really bother me, I shoot tons on a Glidecam and need to be able to see the screen from weird angles. :/

  10. Hi!
    I ordered my viewfinder and Im very happy with it. I also have another camera and I was wondering where to buy another screen protector so I can use the same viewfinder in 2 different cameras. Thanks!!

  11. ML

    Harsha and Keenan

    were you able to figure out how to attach the viewfinder/Loupe to the GGS LCD protector?


  12. Emm

    Post author

    @TomL - It's not the exact same aspect, so there will be cropping on each side. Also it requires a frame to stick on the LCD, so you won't be able to close the LCD screen.

  13. Emm

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    @Dan - You can contact the Blue Star company and ask them if they have resellers or distributors in your area. This is what the UK guys did and found someone local that carried their products.

  14. Dan

    @Emm, Thanks, I had a look on their website and it looks good. What was their shipping prices like? B&H wants something like $40-$50 to ship to West Australia. I can't justify spending that sort of money on shipping a small cushion.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan - I don't know if they are all the same, but the Blue Star Oval Small Microfiber version one that I bought works perfect httpss://

  16. Emm

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    @Dan - The 7D is a 3" LCD. These don't have the 1mm crop issues with average LCD viewfinders. The wider LCD screens on T2i and 60D would experience a 1mm crop on each side.

  17. Dan


    Will you lose 1mm on all sides on a 7d? and if so is that with the entire unit on or with only the screen protector as well?

    Also what eye cushion did you buy for it. I'd like to get one as well.


  18. There's gotta be some way to work this with the GGS LCD Protector. You think that's possible? I might order the parts later this week and see what I can do.

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  20. Brett Sherman

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago. I love it. The snap on and flip open is a great feature set for my T3i. It cut off a minimal amount of LCD on the side, nothing to be concerned about. The problem is I got an email from eBay saying these are fakes, so I'm not sure you can get it anymore. There doesn't seem to be anything similar available, so I don't know how one copies a non-existent product. Perhaps an inscrutable seller of another style of viewfinder had eBay remove them. The 3X is too big IMHO, focusing would be easier on a 2X or at most 2.5X.

  21. Jonny F

    Hi, I'm a little confused- some are saying this works fine with 60D others are saying it will lose 1mm either side of LCD, which is correct?- are you saying that losing the 1mm is insignificant?, cheers all, great site!

  22. I've had this wonderful accessory for about three months now. I use it on my olympus epl1, which has a slightly smaller screen. It matches up perfectly on all sides but one, and I simply place some electrical tape where light comes in. I know that sounds a little janky, but bringing my camera to my eye really lets my creativity flow, and it really doesn't bother me at all. The reason I got it was because I love to use my legacy lenses and had a horrible time focusing in daylight with the lcd, especially with fast lenses. The Olumpus evf2 costs around 300 dollars, so 50 bucks spent on this guy was well worth it. The extra 250 bucks saved is going to go towards another MFT lens. Way worth it to me. 🙂

  23. bought one of these but my lovely wife brook the frame. do you know where o can buy a replacement frame.



  24. Emm

    Post author

    @maghoxfr - I know that viewfinder, and yes there will be a 1mm crop at each side if used on a T2i or 60D or T3i.

  25. I bought one for my 60d as I wear glasses and the design looked well constructed.

    I have found it easy to use, the screen protector is great even though you cannot leave the screen turned inwards. Best of all I can still wear my glasses (or use the diopter) when in use. I had originally thought the dioper would be a great feature but in practice have found that its a drag to keep taking my glasses on and off so just leave them on. The rubber on the eye piece is soft enough to allow me to keep my glasses on and still focus really well. Great product would definitely recommend this product. Got mine on amazon (UK) at a great price.

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Tyler - it's just a cover that goes over the rubber cup. You need the rubber cup to put the cushion on.

  27. Sweet viewfinder, got this a few months ago and it is great, Using it with my t2i and Magic Lantern focus peaking, its awesome.

    A Problem however: I was shooting at a waterfall, and after a bit of scrambling over the rocks with the viewfinder in place, the eyepiece popped off and fell into the waterfall, sank quickly to the bottom, and was never seen again.

    Can I get one of the bluestar eyecushions to replace the one I lost, or is it just a cover? I am not totally clear on this.

  28. John

    GGS Viewfinder arrived today and da*n if I can't figure out how the lanyard attaches. Yes, it works fine on the 60D, as stated you can't flip and close the swivel screen.

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @nilblank - I have not had the eyelash problems, and the protective glass could be a bit distracting in bright sun. When the eyepiece is flipped up, it's acting like a sunshade so you have to look directly through it, not from an angle. If you must see the whole LCD, just take the VF off.

  30. nilblank


    Thanks for the speedy reply. I just tripped onto your blog and have been finding it a wealth of information and insight. Very much appreciated!

    I have a few follow-up questions about the GGS VF. Regarding the frame that attaches to the camera LCD, does the frame cut off much of the screen? Also, if the raised protective glass is a bit distracting, couldn't it be removed from the frame? When the eye-piece is flipped up is it difficult to see the whole LCD? I ask because the rounded walls of the sunshade look like the might cut off visibility if your face isn't right up to VF. Lastly, I read somewhere that the glass near the eye-piece is set too close so that it gets interfered with by eyelashes and eyes pressed close to block out the sun. Have you noticed this?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone's question, and mine in particular.

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @nilblank - I find that the extra layer of glass can throw a glare when in the bright sun and the viewfinder is not attached. The flip up is pretty cool though. If you don't use a viewfinder much, or don't need the diopter, the Carry Speed would be cheaper and better since you can remove it with less stuff attached to the camera.

  32. nilblank

    Hi Emm,

    I know you've said that the optics are pretty similar between the GGS VF and the Carry Speed VF (excepting the diopter) but would you have a preference (more specifically for a 7D)?

    Also, how annoying/useful is the flip-up functionality? And how irritating is the raised glass on the frame attachment when shooting with the VF off the camera?

    Thanks in advance.

  33. Harsha

    I just got the viewfinder/Loupe and ordered the slip on GGS screens...(I'll confirm they don't work with the loupe). I was wondering if you've seen any issues removing the stick on screen that comes with the loupe. Also any information on getting a second stick on for 7D..?


  34. westgate

    got it, thanks!
    No, I'm not gonna use it flip open WITH viewfinder attached. I would take out viewfinder and use just flipped LCD for some low or high shots where I can't use viewfinder anyway. I just really like Perfect GGS more than CarrySpeed, because this one has Diopter Adjustment. I think If GGS made this one 3:2 it would kill any competitors but I'm tired of waiting.

  35. Emm

    Post author

    @westgate - You could still flip it open, but I wouldn't suggest using it while the lcd is out. If you add pressure to the swiveled out screen, you could break it.

  36. westgate

    I saw your posts that it's not good for 60D. I'm fine not being able to close the screen (face down) BUT would like to be able to flip open articulating screen sometimes for some shoots. Will I be able to do that? I'm also fine with 4:3. Thanks.

  37. Harsha

    GGS seem to also sell slip-on LCD protector screens for the 5DII and 7D...I was just wondering if the 3X LCD loupe would fit/connect properly onto those...might mean less headaches later on for me if I want to use the cameras for just stills.

  38. Kat

    I have literally just purchased one off ebay at a bargain price of £44. I have done my research. I was initially going to purchase the 3/2 LCDVF but having found this and based on the price I would have to say it is probably the better option. All i need now is a cushion eye piece.
    If anyone would like to read up on this company i have found this link...

  39. Nick

    Even if Greenlife-style claims to have it in stock, they don't. I ordered one Monday and was told "we're awaiting a new shipment and will ship out first thing." I asked about the status of it today and was instantly refunded money. This isn't the first time this has happened to me with Greenlife-style either, it happened with a z96 shipment a few months back.

    Here's a seller listing it for a few bucks cheaper that supposedly ships from the US:

  40. Emm

    Post author

    @don - The 5D Mark II and 7D share the same LCD. If it fits on one, it should fit perfectly on the other.

  41. PD

    I'm looking for an extra connector/protection screen. Anybody have a line on one? I contacted three resellers and they only sell the boxed set with one screen.

  42. >>> thx so much for findind a v-finder for me, it will make my 7D perfect,, how come no-one has mentioned the 7D? it fits it ok I should think .. All the best dc

  43. david

    well damn..

    I had this ready to go last night and fell asleep, lol. This mornign it was gone! :O

    for the price it seems very nice... ima pick one up!

  44. wickett

    emm- can you confirm that with this you can see the whole screen? i have the digifinder pro at the moment and with that the corners aren't visible unless you move your eye position. be greatful if you could let me know if all the screen is visible corner to corner.

    also to the rest of you guys. anyone managed to order the blue star cushion to be delivered reasonable price to UK?

    thanks guys

  45. Emm

    Post author

    @ravenouscouple - The GGS stays on pretty good, so it's not as fast to take on and off. Otherwise, they work pretty much the same to shade from sun and magnify LCD.

  46. I have a question not connected to the theme - I already have cowboy shoulder support (ex-24$ rig), and thinking about Rig X, so I can add rails. And also I'm looking for something to drop, for a example, to Think Tank Retrospective 20 bag, when I'm out without a backpack with shoulder support. So the question is - if Rig X can be used as fig rig, for example? Or may be it is better to buy that one - which I can see can be packed very compact? (but still no reels). Anyway, I'm looking for cheap, but compact rig, to drop it to the shoulder bag. What suits, according to your experience?

    Thank you!

  47. just discovered your site as we're getting started on's been such a great resource for ideas, thank you!! Our question is, how do you compare this vs the 3" CARRY SPEED VFINDER. Would you recommend 1 or the other? we plan to do mostly indoor shoots in the kitchen. Thanks.

  48. Emm

    Post author

    @Lindenberg - It would not fit. It's designed for 3" LCDs and the flip out 3.2" on the 60D make it more difficult. The CarrySpeed version for T2i should work.

  49. Lindenberg

    Hi emm, just got the 60D, like a fiew others here. Would GGS viewfinder fit to my camera... if so, I am seriously considering buying it... buy the way, your website is fantastic... thanks for putting so much into this!

  50. Emm

    Post author

    @Ricky - It would not. Best bet would be the CarrySpeed for Canon T2i. httpss://

  51. rich

    whats it like taking pictures with the loupe removed and the frame remaining on the camera? do you notice it at all?

  52. YC

    I wonder it suitable for my panasonic GH1

    I'm sorry to bother you, Could you tell me exact size of screentprotector?

  53. Emm

    Post author

    @vladbox - From specs I think it's -+3. My eyes aren't too bad, but I can see there's a difference when adjusting it.

  54. Emm

    Post author

    @Ricky - The whole viewfinder comes off, and there is a screen protector that is left on the LCD. The screen protector is designed for the loupe to clip on. You need to press the clip to remove it.

  55. T3eye

    What is the quality of the joint that flips the loupe up? I guess if that joint were prone to breaking, you could just glue the loupe in place.

  56. So in the above very first picture, is that box part without the eye piece pretty much stuck to the camera or does that come off too when you want to store the camera?

  57. vladbox

    I bought the LCDVF and I have problems focusing, since I am near sighted. Does this diopter allows you a broad range of focusing?
    But have you seen a solution that would allow the LCDVF a greater range of focusing, such as a riser of sorts?

    Great site, thanks.

  58. jontz

    Kevin I got this for my t2i, and whilst the stick on screen doesnt suit the t2i, you do loose about %3 of the side of the screen. In normal non loupe mode ..well get used to it. with the loupe on, it works a treat.

    u just have to remove some of the sticky stuff off the stick on frame or stick it lower, so it clears the eye viewfinder sensor as well.

  59. Adrian


    My question too! Which Blue Star fits????

    This is exactly what I've been waiting for!

    A viewfinder that flips to give you a hood - right on!

  60. PD

    I bought this and I love it. The diopter is a big help and I like that it flips up out of the way.

  61. Kevin

    Do you know of any other similar loupes that flip up like this one for the T2i that's a decent price? I got really excited about this until I saw it doesn't exactly fit the T2i's screen.

  62. I got it recently and love it! Works really well with the 60D, except that I can no longer close the LCD, which is ok since the part that mounts to the camera acts as a screen protector.

  63. Will

    Do you need to move your eye around to see the whole frame like I heard you needed to do for the 3x Zacuto loupe? Thanks.

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