Flycam Armbrace works with Glidecam

For those who wanted a better look at the Flycam Armbrace, here's a quick little show and tell. The Flycam Armbrace
is used to help carry some of the weight of a stabilizer off the wrist. Glidecam also sells a Forearm Brace (seen here), but it's bit more expensive and looks like it will only fit on the Glidecam due to the larger OD on the post.

One common question is 'Does the Flycam Armbrace work with the Glidecam?'. The answer is 'YES' the Flycam Armbrace does work with BOTH the Flycam and Glidecam HD1000, HD2000, and HD4000 stabilizers. It uses a smaller OD on top and steps to a larger OD for the bottom of the post (as seen in the video). Coincidence? You be the judge. Using an arm brace will help relieve some weight from the wrist, but keep in mind that it will not solve the weight carried from the Bicep and the stabilizer will still be just as heavy. The Flycam Forearm Arm brace can be found via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Flycam Forearm Arm Brace for Flycam and Glidecam HD Stabilizer

19 thoughts on “Flycam Armbrace works with Glidecam

  1. Tom

    Hi Emm,

    Is the Flycam forearm brace longer than Glidecam Forearm Brace?

    Could you give me an estimation of their weights? or which one is heavier?

    And what about the padding and velcro? how does it compare?

    I also noticed that some sellers of the Flycam forearm brace show the picture of what it seems to be the Glidecam's one... somewhat confusing

    Thank you!

  2. imgpro615

    i got mine a LONG time back and I think mine is actually a GLIDECAM arm does not have the thinner segment at the top...I got that and the body pod and soon learned how useless the pod it became repurposed for some DIY endeavours...the arm brace is good...I have used it when flying the glidecam 2000Pro or the Flycam 5000 with a naked also fits the new C5 but I recommend to fly them with 'nekkit' camera only because the weight of the stabiliser and camera is enough and you WILL feel it after a good long fly...try adding all the accoutrements and you got a workout!! I use my modified DV Sportster [modded proaim comfort arm and vest] when i am fully kitted or using my HDV cameras [less and less lately] but the arm brace is useful for extended short runs...for long walk n talks on a gliding flight, arm and vest is best...

    I hope this has helped

  3. Hey Emm, I was gonna put in an order for this brace cuz I have the Glidecam HD2000 but I was lookin at the pictures on the link, and the OD doesn't look like the one in your video. It doesn't have the 2 different widths like yours, just 1. Do you think they changed it now and ONLY fits the flycam Nano?

  4. Meji

    I have one. The damn screw came loose and I lost it. Works alright though. Haven't used it in a while.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Cabuche - I'll have to check again when i'm in the studio, but I don't think so. If it's not, maybe it can be drilled out.

  6. cabuche

    are the holes on the side of the lower part of the metal piece wide enough for a 1/4 inch screw to fit through? i'd like to mount a piece of equipment there. sorry for my bad english.

  7. peederj

    I have one, set it up properly, and have always tossed it aside in practice. Just my experience.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Jerry - The Steadicam vest for Merlin has a very short bent rod, and it's not the same size. You would still have to modify it to work with the Steadicam Vest.

  9. Jerry

    Great post Emm!
    Does this mean that you can use the Steadicam Armvest with the Flycam nano? Would you still have to mod the arm tip with the DIY screws/pole thingy? Or would the stock pole fit on the flycam?

  10. I got one of those e-bay knock-off braces for $50, and it's great. It came in three parts with no instructions. I'd never used one and was puzzled. Fortunately, it was an exact duplicate of the name brand braces, so I was able to look at their images and figure it out.

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