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I spent a good amount of today ****'ing around with the Eye-Fi X2 Direct Mode SDHC card. Although I got the basic networking on a Wireless Router setup, when I switched to testing out the new 'Direct Mode' everything went downhill. So far this new 'direct mode' is a complete fail as far as i'm concerned. Somewhere after a few minutes of receiving the card the provided card reader died, and the card can no longer function correctly.

I tried to recover and start over using several different cameras, attempted to configure it against an iPhone, two different iPads, two different MacBooks, and a Windows 7 x64 system. This thing can't even connect to two different wireless routers. Anyone got better news?? I'm hoping mine was just a 'dud'. Eye-Fi if you're reading this, holla back...i'll be shipping this thing back to Amazon.

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  1. I was just using this at the studio the other day.......it was horrible. I tried hooking it up using the direct mode.......what a joke. It wouldnt hook up to my ipad. I want my 5 minutes back

  2. Serge

    @Emm, I was being sarcastic at the question posed by "Whitesell Photography"... 🙂

    I understood what you meant.

  3. KGB

    Now I understand the advantages of Direct Mode, but the question arises.

    If it ani't broke, don't fix it.

    I use a mobile hotspot, works perfectly with ShutterSnitch, no problems.
    For the"slight" hassle of carrying a hotspot along, why would I, or you, need to battle another "better way"?

    New is not nessecarily better.

  4. Guy Barrette

    Works like a charm here with an iPad 2, an EyeFi Pro X2 and a 550D/T2i. Note that if you installed Magic Lantern, you'll have to reset the settings. Google for more info about that problem.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - Just stopped working. I possibly could have a 'dud'. Just to know I wasn't crazy three other people spent a good amount of hours testing it on their systems, networks, and cameras. Still errors out. I'll return it and try again...

  6. Olivier

    Also had an issue with the card reader the first time I used it. Found out it was better to eject the card from the eye-fi software than from your OS (I'm on a mac). After I ejected from the finder I could not get the reader to work again. I tried swapping usb port and rebooting the computer with no success. In the end a shutdown and cold reboot fixed it.

  7. hansi

    testet it extensively the last few weeks. had set direct mode up in 10min, although i had to update the firmware first.
    upload speed is fine (about 10sec in raw) also during a whole day with lots of shots.
    only problem I had was the range in my 7d which was only about 3 meters with mentioned upload speed. so I had to remove the metal plates from my cf2sd-converter.
    now the range is about 10 meters

    i really testet all different kind of configurations (laptops, distance, upload,...) and mine works really good.
    so if i had your problems i think i would have sent it back 🙂

  8. Serge

    "Not sure what you mean by “the provided card reader died”…"


    It ceased to exist, it passed away, it stopped working, no bueno, good bye, damaged, broken.. etc.

  9. Oliver

    I have direct mode working with a D7000 and an iPad (V1) with the Eye-Fi App (having more problems with the indirect mode). No problems in operations. However, the manual is really bad and the usability of the desktop software either.

    You need at leaat half a day to set it up...and still there remain so many open questions that you won't use it in porduction environment where time is critical (how does the set-up behave when the wlan of the eye-fi card has shut down - will the iPad reconnect automatically with the next shot? how do you set up image forwarding? can you use direct mode as a fall back in case the router (of the indirect mode) is out of range?

  10. itsjohnny2

    I just tried mine out. Works on my 3Gs. It took a while to set it up as I had to update software and firmware. Connection was a bit slow. I haven't tried RAW transfers yet. Working with the G12, Eye-Fi App, and WIN7-64. Can't wait to try this on the iPad2 arriving next week.

  11. Harlan

    I got one the other day. Works like a champ. Sometimes transfers are slooow though. What I don't like it only uploads to one site, for instance shutterfly. I would love for it to do shutter fly, Facebook, etc.

  12. I've been using my eyefi card for a few weeks now during what would have been "tethered" shoots.

    Most of the time, when I shoot tethered, I do so to satisfy a nosy, over-the-shoulder, client that insists on looking at the back of my camera. I hate being tied to a computer, but I hate clients demands even more.

    During my last location tether, I got tangled up in the cord and yanked my camera off the table. $400 in lens repairs later, I decided to give my wifi card another go, since I discovered the ad hoc feature during the release of the direct mode.

    I shoot with a 1Ds3. I send raw files to my CF card, and small .Jpg's to the eyefi. They transfer fast and auto-import into LR. It's enough to keep the client off my back and eliminates the tangled cord mess. No more yanking the camera!!!

    I give it a thumbs up for what it can do, but agree the direct mode is way too slow to do anything with.

  13. I've been using direct mode with an iPad2 and iPhone 3GS without any issues at all. I just need to make sure the iPhone/iPad is connected to the wireless network created by the eyefi card.

    Not sure what you mean by "the provided card reader died"... I'm not using the provided card reader since the card is in the camera. I've never even used the card reader that came with my eyefi card.

    I also use shuttersnitch on the ipad - come to think of it, I don't know if I've used the eyefi app since the direct mode became available. Maybe that's the cause of your difficulties??

    It does sound like you might have a dud... mine works great!

  14. Brian

    Hey you just replied to me on twitter - sounds kind of similar but maybe a little different. Here was the original thing I wrote to them, to which their response was "Please reformat the card and also try in a different camera" and when I didn't reply for a couple days they sent another saying "Please reply in a week or we'll assume we fixed the problem," which is irritating (I replied, "Don't close the ticket until I explicitly reply telling you everything is OK - I'm busy and don't have time to do this right now.")


    I used the card all weekend. A bunch of stuff happened that makes me suspect the card is bad:

    - once or twice my camera gave me a "CARD WRITE ERROR" and I had to pop it out and back in and then it was OK. Never happens with this camera & other SD cards.

    - by the end of the trip there were a chunk of photos where the camera, trying to review them, said "CANNOT PLAY PHOTO". Again, never seen this before.

    - Transferring in direct mode, the 15 meg RAWs were taking around 12 seconds initially to transfer (which is slower than I expected) but eventually after 50 or 60 files, each was taking much much longer, well over 30-40 seconds. Yes, I had camera auto-off disabled.

    - Putting the card directly into my laptop and copying the old-fashioned way, it would get through tens of photos and then just hang and not finish whatever file it was on, and I'd have to pop the card out and resume from there. I suspect Lightroom auto-import might be choking it up so I closed Lightroom and it continued happening.

    Overall, disappointed with the experience - writes from the camera to card seem slower than my previous fast-as-they-make-'em 32GB SD card, and direct mode wifi transfers are more than an order of magnitude slower than copying the photos physically.

  15. John K

    I purchased the 8gb version from Costco several months ago.
    The ad hoc (direct) mode worked once and very slow at that.
    I finally took it back for a refund after 1 week of trying to get it to work.

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