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I spent a good amount of today ****'ing around with the Eye-Fi X2 Direct Mode SDHC card. Although I got the basic networking on a Wireless Router setup, when I switched to testing out the new 'Direct Mode' everything went downhill. So far this new 'direct mode' is a complete fail as far as i'm concerned. Somewhere after a few minutes of receiving the card the provided card reader died, and the card can no longer function correctly.

I tried to recover and start over using several different cameras, attempted to configure it against an iPhone, two different iPads, two different MacBooks, and a Windows 7 x64 system. This thing can't even connect to two different wireless routers. Anyone got better news?? I'm hoping mine was just a 'dud'. Eye-Fi if you're reading this, holla back...i'll be shipping this thing back to Amazon.