Mini Clamps for Friction Arms

Mini-Nano-Clamp (2)

The Manfrotto Nano Clamps are great little gadgets, but come a little steep. I currently have my hands on another cheaper set of small mini nano-style clamps, and lately they've been performing a hundred different duties. I've been using mine mainly with the Power Friction Arms, since it has both a 1/4 x 20 mount and a 3/8" mount on the backside to mount microphones, portable audio recorders, and LED lights in random places. It's a completely metal unit with no plastic parts. This version has the 'toolless' driver lever which can be repositioned after clamping. If you've been eyeballing those Nano clamps for while, here lies a cheaper option.

find-price-button Mini Nano-Style Accessory Clamps

6 thoughts on “Mini Clamps for Friction Arms

  1. spaceflows

    Great option for the price. I had the manfrotto version and it busted in two weeks. Like Rod G, I just picked up two of them. Before mine broke is was very handy!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - Yeah this one can hold a full camera pretty well, but those other clamps are great too.

  3. Serge

    By the looks I still Prefer your older post for only $1 more.
    Or are the totally different items?


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