Duracell Compact Flash 600x Review ?

Looks like Duracell's found a Compact Flash manufacturer to slap their name onto. These are newly released 600x speed cards, which the real company 'Dane Elec' doesn't appear to have had before Duracell. One article stated the true speeds are actually closer to 500x, not sure if that's true, but that's still quite a bit of speed. A Duracell 32GB 600x Compact Flash card can run close to $90 US over on eBay, while on Amazon they're currently about $60 US, making them the cheapest 600x on the market.

Now i've been using Kingston 32GB 133x early on which I still have for light video and light Photography, then switched over to Transcend 32GB 400x cards. I've been using all Transcend cards since in both CF and SDHC formats with no issues. I'm not ready to try anything new, but maybe a brave soul has already tested these out. Anyone have any real information or link to a review on these new Dane Elec / Duracell 600x's?

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  1. Photoj

    I have 3 of the Duracell 32GB 600x, I shoot sports and about 3000-6000 photos per week and used the cards for 8 months, the cards work great. A definate best buy for the speed and size and lack any reported defects where the competitors at this price point cant claim.

  2. Roger

    I purchased two Duracell 16GB cards for my Canon XF100 and they do well for short files and brief shooting clips. Unfortunately they do not pass the longer shooting time test as they cannot handle the larger files and interrupt your recording. I would not recommend this card for any extensive video recording over 7mins.

  3. Phil

    The Duracell cards are only 600x when read in a card reader, but are more like 300x/400x cards when writing...

  4. Joe

    I just shot with a Duracell 16gb 600x card and a Canon 7D. Upon putting the card in the reader to pull the photos, I got an error telling me that the card needs to be formatted. Without making any changes, I put my 8GB Kingston into the same card reader and just pulled all of today's photos off flawlessly.

    I cannot trust this Duracell card at this point.

  5. Celeste Sheehan

    I have a Duracell 16 gb 600x card. Bought it because it was cheaper than the SanDisk and Lexar cards I usually use. Should have saved my money. Can't figure out exactly what happened, but I lost about 1/2 of the assignment I shot today to corrupt files. My pictures aren't on the card in the order I shot them either, and photos that I downloaded before today but didn't say to delete are gone too. FYI, I shot over 500 pics today, and everything seemed fine when I checked on my work while shooting. Thumbs seem to show up, but full image didn't write. Switched to a SanDisk once I started getting "Cannot display image" message, and it worked perfectly.

  6. kenny

    I just received the duracell pro photo 600x 32gb from ebay. I tried to use it on my Sony MRC1 MRU. It is a piece of crap card. Gave me the A:12 error (too slow) right away. Also i wouldnt format at all. Waste of money. Impossible to get in touch with Duracell to resolve ,even tho it says 10yr warranty.

  7. I have the Duracell 32g 600x and it is an okay card but I also have a 16g lexar platinum 2 200x card. The lexar can utilize the full capacity of my 7d's rapid shooting mode and can record flawlessly without any issues. The Duracell can only shoot around 8 pictures in rapid fire before it starts to slow down because data processing is to slow. The Duracell also sometimes processes the HD footage too slow especially when shooting 60FPS. Even though it says 600x it does not operate like so. I do like having the high capacity of the Duracell but it also quickly fell to my backup card one I got my Lexar Platinum 2 card. Hope this helps!!


  8. I received two Duracell 32GB CF cards from Amazon.

    Using a Delkin ImageRouter USB 2.0 CF reader and Flash Memory Toolkit 2.00, here's the results I got:

    10MB file: 18894 KB/s Write, 29841KB/s Read
    15MB file: 17986 MB/s Write, 29525KB/s Read

    Compared to a Transcend 32GB 400x CF Card:
    10MB file: 16924 KB/s Write, 29616KB/s Read
    15MB file: 20626 MB/s Write, 29225KB/s Read

    Compared to a Sandisk Extreme III 30MB/s 16GB card:
    10MB file: 15999 KB/s Write, 24119KB/s Read
    15MB file: 13464 MB/s Write, 23990KB/s Read

    Not very scientific tests, but it's something.


  9. Okay, I think technically this is not the best spot for this but I did some research on the lenses you mentioned. SLR Magic, is a Chines manufacturer of adapters AND apparently lenses. I got this email back from them...

    We are a lens manufacturer

    We have two lens for micro four thirds

    the most popular one recently is the with macro option. we have sample photos and reviews in the link as well.

    in 2 months time we will also have the SLR Magic x Noktor 50mm f/0.95 for micro four thirds which is very good for video on GH2





    Fujian is different lens manufacturer from China who sell that 35mm 1.7 with C-mount (the CCTV mount) for about 35+shipping, or for about 40+shipping with the C-mount to micro 4/3. If anyone has tried any of these products, let us now your experience.

  10. I have been going for more space lately and have been lucky enough to find used transcend 64 gigs for under $90, Search and you shall find. I have found and purchased 3 Transcend 400x 64 gigs.

  11. I love how the Duracell 32GB CF card includes a table for 4MP JPEG's!

    If you have a 4MP camera that doesn't shoot RAW, well we have good news for you! You'll never have to delete a single photo from this card...ever! With 16,000 photos able to be stored, you're camera will die before this card is full. If you shoot 10 images a day every day, it will take about 5 years to fill it up. But when you do, this has the speed to download all of your photos in about 20 minutes.

    Chances are that if you still have a 4MP camera that shoots in JPEG's on CF then you will need a bigger hard drive to transfer the files. Because your pentium 4 with 100GB HDD is probably full of music from napster by now.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Yes you can mount almost any lens to the 4/3 cameras, but with the crpped mode is the GH2 you can use these fast security camera lenses. Normal view would show the inside of the lens, but with cropped mode on, it takes the image from the center. A popular one is the 35mm F/1.7 and some have been converted by slrmagic.

  13. His skydiving videos are great. He's also using some CCTV "Computar" lenses on the GH2 which are fast and cost next to nothing. Do you know anything about them?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Thanks, Bill actually comments here a lot. I'm familiar with his work.

  15. Well, I might because I can't seem to locate my 32 GB 233x Ridata CF card so I might give this one a shot, as I thought the 600x CF cards were much higher priced. They also make a 32 gB HDSC Class 10 card rated 200x. I got a couple of 32 GB Class 10 Transcend cards after your recommendation. Do you know what these are rated as speed-wise?

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