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Jeremy shares a link to the discounts on Sandisk today [thanks Jeremy]. If you have a preference for the brand, the Sandisk 32GB SDHC Class 10 Media card now comes in at a few dollars cheaper than the Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC. For compact flash media, I still think Transcend has the better deals, but everyone has their preferences. Check out the sale at Amazon (Click Here).

Sandisk Media
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If you're shopping for Sandisk media, there's current price drops going on various Compact Flash and SDHC cards. Found below.

Sandisk Price Drops
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Earlier I posted some big savings that SanDisk was offering of it's Compact Flash media and SDHC cards. You can find that article here: Lexar is now offering a Buy Two and save type deal on many of their media cards, so if Transcend wasn't good enough, Sandisk doesn't meet your needs, then Lexar might be up your alley. Found below.

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Looks like Duracell's found a Compact Flash manufacturer to slap their name onto. These are newly released 600x speed cards, which the real company 'Dane Elec' doesn't appear to have had before Duracell. One article stated the true speeds are actually closer to 500x, not sure if that's true, but that's still quite a bit of speed. A Duracell 32GB 600x Compact Flash card can run close to $90 US over on eBay, while on Amazon they're currently about $60 US, making them the cheapest 600x on the market.

Now i've been using Kingston 32GB 133x early on which I still have for light video and light Photography, then switched over to Transcend 32GB 400x cards. I've been using all Transcend cards since in both CF and SDHC formats with no issues. I'm not ready to try anything new, but maybe a brave soul has already tested these out. Anyone have any real information or link to a review on these new Dane Elec / Duracell 600x's?

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