Dual Rail Video Camera Track Dolly Slider

Dual Track Rail Video Slider Dolly Camera DSLR

Another Dual Rail Video Camera Dolly / Slider on the market. The wheeled track dolly rides on 42" - 63" metal rails, has adjustable legs, and can support both Bowl Mount fluid heads or standard 3/8" mounted Fluid Heads. The end clamps support tripod mounting, and the dolly can be used both on and off the tracks. Starting around $198 dollars for the 42" version, and can be found via eBay (Click Here).

Video Camera Dolly Track SliderDual Rail Track Dolly SliderRail Slider Video Camera Dolly
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22 thoughts on “Dual Rail Video Camera Track Dolly Slider

  1. Gil S

    Do you know what the diameter of the rods are? Wondering if we can substitute for longer lengths on our own.

  2. Tom

    Ok, so I put it together and played with it for a few minutes. Some impressions:
    1. Packaged well, though don't expect glossy box w/nice instruction manual. Does have a manual though, but only in Chinese. The pictures are pretty explanatory though.
    2. Seems pretty sturdy, though the wheels seem to be either hard plastic or some lightweight coated metal.
    3. Easy to put together, comes with tools and some different mounting options.

    For the next impressions, keep in mind that this is my first slider, so I don't have anything to compare with...

    4. Noisy - at least with the built in mic on my nex-5n it is. hard plastic or metal against metal would do this I suppose...

    5. the long slider comes with rails you have to screw together. While the construction is solid, it doesn't get entirely flush, so you can hear/feel a slight bump when passing over it. Not really noticeable with a wide angle 16mm though. Of course if you buy the shorter version this is not an issue.

    6. Not really sold on the wheels. Also there is a second set of wheels that will keep it locked to the rail, which is good, but it is a bit finicky to adjust it just right so it isn't too tight or too loose (loose is ok for horizontal slides though)

    Will try it out some more, and motorize it over the next few days. I'm sure I can find a good use for it.

  3. BUBE

    @ Tom,

    can you give us a review...how does it work, are you happy with this equipment....im about to order this......

  4. Tom

    I ended up ordering the 63" version. I can check back and let you know what I think when I get it. It looks to be extremely versatile, hopefully it works well in use. I will probably motorize it, both for video and timelapse down the line. An interesting feature is that the track on this version is 2 pieces of pipe that connect together. On the upside, it appears to mean I can use it at a shorter length if I like. On the other hand, I have some concerns whether it will be completely smooth for video, even with what appears to be relatively large wheels. It will be interesting 🙂

  5. Nicholas

    The last few days i had the opportunity to use the Cinevate Pegasus and was floored!!! This loks like a nice alternative for about $1000 cheaper.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @getem - It's under the end clamps. There's another close up image showing the bottom of those end clamps. You can see some threaded mounts.

  7. Looks like the JuicedLink DIY Slider. This looks super clean in comparison. And the price is pretty impressive. Curious to see how well it performs.

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