Servo City MPT1100-SS Open Look Pan & Tilt System posted a recent video showcasing the movement of it's latest MPT1100-SS Open Looop Pan & Tilt System. The $650 Dollar unit is designed to mount to camera Jibs / Cranes to remotely control the movement of the camera through a simple Joystick. I have a small video insight of this unit in action and the parts breakdown in an earlier article (seen here), and you can already find the new MPT1100-SS Motorized Pan & Tilt system available at (click here).

MPT1100 Motorized Pan Head Tilt VideoMPT1100 Servo City Pan Head
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11 thoughts on “Servo City MPT1100-SS Open Look Pan & Tilt System

  1. Diesel

    @L. Lewis...As Diesl and Kicap and the crowd chant, "Roll attachment, Roll attachment, Roll attachment..." (hint hint)

  2. Key, we'll get some video footage of the system up with sound in the next few days. This system is precision motor driven instead of servo driven, so it's extremely quiet.

    Kicap, this model is not able to be equipped with the R-2200. The R-2200 is specifically designed for our PT-2100 Pan and Tilt system. We do not currently have a roll attachment for the MPT1100-SS.

  3. May I know whether this model can be equipped with the "ROLL Attachment" R-2200? The roll attachment would make any of this pan/tilt head unit as a "3-axis Dutch" pan/tilt head type right?

    Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Key

    I know it isn't your video, but the lack of sound actually sets off some alarm bells. Maybe you (or another commenter) can shoot a single quick shot with some sound? That would be fantastic.


  5. I got an early unit, and can confirm that it is AWESOME. I have the very cheap Bescor as well, and there is a night and day difference between the two. The Servocity is far more robust, can go both faster and slower (and everything in between), plus has an almost 360 degree range of movement in all directions.

    The only gotchas are:

    - not weather proof (open design)
    - no easy tripod mount (Servocity is working on this)
    - not super easy to mount remote anywhere

    Servocity is VERY responsive to feedback, and I have sent them notes about these issues (outside of the weather sealing, which I think it probably impossible with this design). I am sure they will be providing solutions for them very soon.

    Ethics note: Servocity sponsors the podcast I do for Script Magazine (TV Writer Podcast). That said, I am an internationally award winning film producer and seasoned TV editor, and my evaluation is not biased.

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