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The Alzo Video Smoothy Radius and Linear Video Slider was first shown at NAB 2015, and they wanted to send one out for me to test drive. The slider can track in a straight line (linear) and then can be reassembled into a curved (radius) track for keeping a subject in frame and in center. Here's a little overview.

Riding on a track of this design requires careful hands to prevent any micro jitters. In some cases my shaky hands transferred slight vibrations, but after running a bit of post image stabilization the footage was fine.

VIEW-ITEM Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear Video Slider

The Alzo Radius Linear Slider is limited to small lightweight camera and lens combinations, and also requires you to be at least 6 feet away from your subject to use the Radius effectively. At 4 feet long it might be a bit too long for constant travelers. Overall I think it's certainly a unique design, and we were able to get some decent results. But what do you guys think about the new Alzo Smoothy Radius and Linear video slider? Leave your comments below.


Anyone who has had to operate a slider during an interview will realize the value this new slider can add to your projects. Best of all, this tool can replace additional overhead on crew to operate that B-cam while adding high production value dynamic camera movements.

Fully motorized, the new Redrock Micro One Man Crew Motorized Slider offers variable speeds, steady consistent movements, and silent operation. The curved track design allows your subject to remain in frame as the camera tracks back and forth automatically. The new RedRock Micro One Man Crew is available now for pre-order (click here).

Redrock One Man Crew
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Varavon is pumping new products out fairly quickly and another innovative item they have recently released is the new Slidecam Arc Video Camera Slider. As far as I know this is the first and currently the only 'curved' video camera slider on the market.

Varavon Arc Slider Curved Dolly

Curved Video Camera Slider Varavon Arc

Though it looks like a solid made product that will work great to track around a central subject, you have to wonder if maybe it is too niche? I'd love to see video examples of the product in use.[Update] Just embedded the latest video showing the Slidecam Arc. It's already available on the market, but after reading this article i'm curious as to what everyone's feedback is on this new Varavon Slidecam Arc Slider?

Varavon Curved Arc SliderVaravon Arc Slider Dolly
find-price-button Varavon Slidecam Arc Video Camera Slider - via eBay


ePhoto budget sliderePhoto Video Camera Slider

Michael writes in and points out new prices on these Budget Roller Bearing Video Camera Sliders [Thanks Michael]. These sliders actually came out a few months ago, but now that the ePhoto seller has picked up this product, prices are pretty good starting at just under $190 + Free shipping for a 30" roller bearing camera slider with adjustable Legs / Feet. There are threaded mounts under the slider to be used on stands or on tripods for elevated shooting. This slider comes in three different sizes from the smaller 30" to a longer 46" version. Check them out via ebay (Click Here).

video-camera-sliderVideo Camera Slider
find-price-button Budget Video Camera Roller Bearing Slider


Dual Track Rail Video Slider Dolly Camera DSLR

Another Dual Rail Video Camera Dolly / Slider on the market. The wheeled track dolly rides on 42" - 63" metal rails, has adjustable legs, and can support both Bowl Mount fluid heads or standard 3/8" mounted Fluid Heads. The end clamps support tripod mounting, and the dolly can be used both on and off the tracks. Starting around $198 dollars for the 42" version, and can be found via eBay (Click Here).

Video Camera Dolly Track SliderDual Rail Track Dolly SliderRail Slider Video Camera Dolly
find-price-button Dual Rail Dolly Track Video Camera Slider