DIY DSLR ‘Full’ Cage

Jarrod over at JustBasl Productions has shown us some of his previous DIY's and now recently threw together a full dslr cage. It probably looks overkill with just the camera, but you have to imagine the use with other accessories including a monitor. With 5 handles, holding the cage can be done in various ways providing more stabilization for different shots.

His original video (below) shown used the framework of the DSLR Cage Fig Rig with the popular Strut Channels. These strut channels proved to be too robust and heavy for handheld use, so the video above shows his new redesign with aluminum channels shaving off quite a bit of weight. More description and information can be found at his video link:


4 thoughts on “DIY DSLR ‘Full’ Cage

  1. Where can i find a cheese plate like that? seems like a good cheap answer rather than getting a manfrotto sled or something similar.

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