A few people have already left links in the comments area that they have received their Pico Flex Dollies. They were supposed to begin shipping at a later date, and hopefully it was a surprise that many went out sooner. If you have one on order and haven't received it yet, be patient as they ...continue reading


Most DSLR Rigs use handle grips very similar to bike handle grips. In fact if you threw a bit of cash down, you can get Bike grips better than rig handles. Now how do you go about making your own custom set? Well first you need to get them down to fit the 15mm standard, ...continue reading


Thanks to a tip from Jarrod, here's a look at a very inexpensive DSLR Follow focus with universal lens gear. The R.J. Follow Focus states that it's made mostly out of Aluminum with a reversible gear to be used both left and right handed. There's a large marking disc area and standard knob to accept ...continue reading


Another thumbs up review about the Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 Lens. I wrote an older article about these lenses found here: https://cheesycam.com/budget-manual-focus-85mm-f1-4-lens/. As you know Canon has an affordable F/1.8 lens, but according to Vimeo member Jared, the Rokinon would be a better choice for those who shoot only video. These lenses come rebranded between Rokinon, ...continue reading


Jarrod over at JustBasl Productions has shown us some of his previous DIY's and now recently threw together a full dslr cage. It probably looks overkill with just the camera, but you have to imagine the use with other accessories including a monitor. With 5 handles, holding the cage can be done in various ways ...continue reading


Jarrod over at Just Basl Productions introduced his version of the DIY Spidertrax dolly not long ago, and already he's following up with another DIY tip. Using the same Strut channels as the Popular Cheesycam DIY DSLR Cage / Fig Rig, he's designed his DIY version SpiderTrax Dolly wheels to roll along the rail. He ...continue reading


Wow, very cool examples of what type of footage you can achieve with the SpiderTrax Dolly design. Here's another simple build video of how parts from a normal skateboard, Cheese Plate, and Quick release adapter were put together for those slider and rotational shots. Here's a link to the cheese plate that was used. Two ...continue reading