Tuesday Mail Bag


Two new items came in today. One you can see has a crap load of stamps, so you know that's an overseas item. It's a neat thing that i'll show later on. The other brown box might look familiar to many of you, for anyone that's placed an order from bhphotovideo.com and guess what's peeking out....reviews to follow soon.

Relative size next to iPhone 4
photo 2

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Mail Bag

  1. elbee

    The screw mount on the H1 seems the wrong size thread. Is it 1/4-20? I have difficulty mounting it on my Canon with several brands of mini-ball head.

  2. Jason

    Thanks! Im thinking of sometype of clamp with a thread, that way i can just screw it it directly and have it face me..mabe those bike clamps..

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