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Probably the best rail for a DIY slider, I believe this would be the same as a Glidetrack, is the Linear Guide rail from Igus. Normally used for Robotics, these precision machined aluminum rails use Dry bearings to slide. No greasy bearings. A.K.A. ZaZa slider, you can find more information here

After reading a few threads and checking out the ZaZa slider group over at, I decided to build my own. This post is really late because I had already ordered this item about half a year ago, but finally decided to finish it with a Fluid Head. It pretty much just sat waiting for this last piece. It's a work in progress, i'll probably change from one Tripod to 2 (1 each side) for more stability. I'll use Quick Release plates on each end to break it down faster. Oh well, here's my first run.

[Update] After the popularity of this DIY Project, the company IGUS now sells the complete kit and some predrilled. Here's the link to grab possibly the cheapest high quality DSLR Video Camera slider: Igus DIY Slider Kits

find-price-button Igus DIY Slider Kits

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    This is my very easy to build slider. I don’t have tools so I can’t follow many great DIY so I decided to give it a try and make something really easy, affordable, and decent enough. Check it out if you can. I’d like to know what you guy think of it.

  2. Fede

    I haven't inquired yet, but it's already around 300U$S, before shipping and import taxes... I'd love to get one, they look like the absolutely best choice, but maybe when I've saved a little more money!
    So the indislider is no good? Is it worth it or not? Should I just try and build a DIY slider (like the Lolo slider) and just save for a good one or could I just get away with an indislider??

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Fede - The IGUS is better. How much is the Konova to your country? httpss://

  4. Fede

    Hey, great site, love your input!

    I need to get a slider for a job, but here in Argentina this igus DIY kit will cost me 300U$S, which is obviously a lot of money...

    Having tried both...Would you say the indislider can be a good enough slider? It would definitely be more in my price range. I just don't want to get a mediocre slider which I'll end up not using and then anyway end up getting the good one.

    Is the indislider worth it or is the igus the absolutely least expensive good slider?


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  6. Thanks for sharing all of this man. I love your site.

    You should send us another link for the Slider. At the link above that directs to amazon, the product is not available anymore.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Trevor - you shouldn't have to lube the rail. The bearings are designed to slide, and you want a bit of friction on there. I would just wipe it clean with something that doesn't leave any oil, it should slide decent. You could try getting some large Neoprene washers to place in between if you can't find good metal ones to take up space between the head.

  8. Trevor

    Hey, thanks for all your posts, I read your blog everyday!

    I have three questions I'm really hoping you could answer.

    I just bought the pre-drilled slider. I noticed you seemed to put some separators between your tripod head and the slider that correct? What kind of separator should you use between a tripod head and the slider plate if the bolt on the bottom of the head is too long and is hitting the track?

    Secondly, Is there any issue in terms of mounting the slider to a tripod head that is on a set of sticks instead of just mounting it to the tripod sticks itself?

    Finally - What would work best for lubricating the slider if its not totally smooth? Baby powder? Something else?

    Thanks a lot!

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  10. Emm

    Post author

    haha, I use it for Lightroom. I find better color match in the old CRT than in that LCD on the side. I need me an iMAC I guess...

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  12. JayDee

    Oh man: why did you use that music ? Silence would have been better. But the slider looks awesome !

  13. hey man, i was just wondering if you painted the rail black like that cuz ive only seen them raw aluminum and if you did, did it affect the bearings at all?

    btw, love the site... a new daily read of mine.

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