$24.00 Shoulder Support for DSLR Cameras

There are two things i'm playing with in this video. The first is the LCDVF from jag35.com which is a View Finder adapter that magnifies your lcd so that you can clearly see what's in focus or not. (Similar to Z-Finder by Zacuto, but cheaper). It came with two mounts which work great for my 5D Mark II & 7D.

The Second is a cheap $30.00 dollar Shoulder Support from Amazon.
If you prefer eBay over Amazon, grab the item here!!

Well the LCDVF works awesome but I was a bit unsteady shooting handheld and focusing at the same time. I needed a bit more supprt, but something not too professional looking so that I can take around in public places. I saw this video https://vimeo.com/1658379 and decided to grab one.

I decided to order one for $24.00 dollars. Well I guess I can't complain. It supports the weight of the camera so that I can concentrate on focusing. For someone who's just starting out, $24.00 dollars is not a bad deal... Here's a link.

Here's the product.
You can find the shoulder support from eBay by clicking this link, or the image below.

click image

This item below is the Hoodman loupe. They also sell bands to mount it to a DSLR to help you see the LCD and focus better. This is cheaper than the LCDVF or the ZFINDER (from Zacuto).

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5 thoughts on “$24.00 Shoulder Support for DSLR Cameras

  1. spaceflows

    Thanks Emm. Just ordered mine on Amazon (seems cheaper than eBay). Slowly building my arsenal and knowledge thanks to you and those like you!

  2. Just got mine. I will tell you this. Its a solid product for the money.....but, to use a lcd loupe with a dslr, you need to have a battery grip to give it some height so it would make it at eye level.

  3. Toshi

    How has this stabilizer worked out in the long run? Some folks say it's not durable enough to put your camera on it.

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