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If you haven't been keeping up, a few comments have already come in about the Polaroid Variable ND filters. Looks good, and at 1/3 price of relative Variable ND filters. Not every filter size is available, but the popular 72mm is back in stock. Don't get this confused with a 'Circular Polarizer'. This is the 'Variable ND filter' which serves a different purpose in cutting out light. If you can't score the size you need through the Polaroid's, the Nature brand is still an excellent buy as well

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  1. I got the 52mm version for a cheap Canon lens.

    The time and money involved in sourcing a cap of unspecified size will cost more than the filter. I think I would have been better off with Lightcraft Workshop.

    (I know ND filters are optional for photographers, but they are essential for video, so we need a cap. It's like a hotel room without toilet paper, ie. the TP is cheap but important. It's the thing businesses would normally add to distinguish themselves. To be 'good.' Like free WiFi. Cheap, but important.

    The Canon lens also came without a hood. After buying the hood, it fell apart in a day. That's right - some joker at Canon designed a non-failsafe lens hood. It's mechanical. I think an engineer and designer had a punchup, and the engineer won. He later went on to design a mechanical vase. It leaks.)


  2. Cineman

    Maybe there are quality control issues with the Kodak ND. I have the 52mm version for a Canon 550d.

    I got it for mainly video work, but did some still shots with a 'Nifty Fifty' and it isnt that bad. Looking at the images at 100% in Photoshop you can see a very small amount of softening on low contrast details. If I were using high end lenses, sure I'd go for a more expensive ND, but for video work the softening shouldnt be noticeable.

  3. john

    well got the 77mm from only done some basic tests not had the opertunity to test it in the field but i cant see any obvious colour cast - no star effect at either 16 or 50mm at either end of the fader range didn't try all possible settings though and image sharpness through it seems pretty good - certainly not gonna complain for £35

  4. I originally bought a Light Workshop 58mm and paid around $80 for it. It's really nice and works as advertised.

    After we bought a 60D, I decided I needed a 67mm version and gave the Polaroid a shot because of the low price. Jeez, it's bad! REALLY soft, markings are way off and I accidentally tried installing it with my petal hood on. Thought I would never get it off.

    It went back quickly. I may go with Cokin adapters for this lens...

  5. Mine arrived in pieces! Used Kodak lens cleaning tissue to clean it before trying to put the thing back together. The lens tissue scratched the hell out of it. Fifty bucks down the drain!

  6. skiandbike

    Emm, any thoughts on the new Tiffen Variable ND filter? Sounds like sharpness and color cast are improved over something like the LCW.

  7. Hey Emm,

    It has been a couple months and there are TONS of newer fader ND out there (at least on ebay).

    There is Opteka, Zykkor, Ninca, Rainbowimaging, etc. Some don't even have a brand name. I have found the cheapest one (Ninca) starting at $40 + 5 shipping from Hong Kong.

    Some claims the glass is made in Japan, some claims the glass is HD (whatever they mean by that), some claims the glass is multi-coated. But who knows how good they are?

    Could you please do a review on these if possible? It would definitely suck if the product turns out to be garbage after waiting 2 weeks for it to deliver.

    I don't have a problem of buying a Genus but if the quality is the same, I would rather save some dollars you know what I mean? After all that is why most people come here for!

    I really look forward to that review(s)! Thanks Emm and keep up the good work.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Wolf - I still think the Nature one is descent. Didn't notice much softness on my 85mm F/1.2. httpss://

  9. Too bad- I was hoping to buy a few. But that washed out color effect in that youtube video put me off.
    Emm, any advice on a good (and affordable!), heavy, single ND-filter?

  10. SkunkWorks

    Wow, these really got a bad review on youtube (with examples). I'm glad they sold out before the seller replied to my shipping enquiry (they never did).

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Logan - This is typical for even the high end ND filters. because they stack two filters they dont want it to show up in the shot. The outer is larger than the inner filter. you can get a cheap lens cap for the larger filter size. find them for like a dollar.

  12. Logan

    I just got my 52mm filter for my 50mm prime today and it fits on the lens good and from what few test shots I took it seemed to work as described, but I went to attach my lens cap I discovered that it does not even come close to fitting while the filter is on. Anybody else with a 52mm filter have this issue and or know what size lens cap would fit this filter. I would rather not have to remove the filter every time I store my camera.

  13. Mr. Y

    anyone waiting for a 77mm or 82mm, I just got a message from the seller that it will take 1 month. bummer.

  14. I ordered the 58mm ND, and received it less than a week later. Haven't shot video with it yet on my 7D but took a few photo tests (with a 50mm f/1.4):

    - No color issues
    - Lens hood still fits on!
    - No noticeable vignetting
    - Threads aren't great
    - Photos slightly softer
    - The "marks" on the filter aren't 100% accurate to the stops

  15. Unfortunately I just got an email today saying they over sold this item! I've sent an email to see if they will be getting anymore in stock.

  16. I just ordered a 52mm. I saw that there were only 3 left, so I figured that I better snatch one up while I still have the chance. I can't keep visiting this blog. $20 here $40 there. All these cool gadgets and accessories are going to put me in the poor house.

  17. Paul

    Got mine today, opened the case, no filter inside!!! I e-mailed them, hopefully they can send me out a replacement. Not much I can do with a piece of foam.

  18. shoguncdn

    I got one of these last week and gave it a try with my aperture wide open on my nifty fifty. It was just a quick experiment but the filter worked pretty good. Didn't notice anything really bad happening to the images as I made the image progressively darker.

    Consider I paid $40 for a USED #4 filter I think this is a pretty good value. It's fully metal and build quality seems good. For those on a budget I think this is a buy.

  19. Chris

    Just got mine (67mm). Haven't had a chance yet to test it out in the real world... What I have noticed though is that the front thread is larger than the thread that attaches to the lens (67mm). Because of this the lens cap for the lens is too small and won't attach to the Fader ND. Maybe there all like this? No biggie.
    Also in terms of build quality the threads seem to be a tiny bit "off". It doesn't screw on easily like good quality filters would. I find that if you pull back on it a little while screwing it on it goes on smoother. If that makes sense? Maybe this is just mine... From what I've noticed just looking through it and turning it I haven't noticed any color cast.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Ram shani - The ‘X’ is when you can see both polarizers crossing each other. Something that i’ve only seen at very narrow apertures. Most of us use these for wide apertures, so you may not even run into it. If you’re trying to stop down lots of light with narrow apertures, best bet would just grab a heavy single ND filter.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - The 'X' is when you can see both polarizers crossing each other. Something that i've only seen at very narrow apertures. Most of us use these for wide apertures, so you may not even run into it. If you're trying to stop down lots of light with narrow apertures, best bet would just grab a heavy single ND filter.

  22. anon

    I did experience a "X" effect while using the filters, although it only happend in one shot out of about 30.

    They do not produce any off color tints, which is a good thing of course.

    I do which there were better markings, to know where the filter is set encase it accidentally moves while installing it on another lens for example.

    But for $30 bucks you can't really complain much, I would recommend the product.

  23. Rabi

    The price on these is wild. I wish they had a 77mm, though. Even though I mostly shoot with a lens with 52mm threading, if I am going to invest in a variable ND I feel like it should be something I can put on my 70-200mm.

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