Nature Fader-ND Variable Neutral Density Filters

Just received the Nature brand Neutral Density filter today. It's possibly the cheapest Fader ND on the market right now, so I wanted to see what the quality was like. I picked one up to test on the Canon 85mm F/1.2 which requires a 72mm filter. The Canon 85mm F/1.2L is one of Canon's sharpest lenses in it's lineup. With the lens at 85mm on a Canon cropped camera, you're looking at quite a distance. I was expecting to see extreme softness, which some Variable ND filters can cause, especially over 50mm. This wasn't the case with this Variable ND filter.

Nature Fader-ND Variable Neutral Density Filters

There is some noticeable difference in sharpness, but not very noticeable unless you're really trying to nitpick, so not bad at all. It's definitely not as soft as my other Fader Filter which is very noticeable when zooming into a subject. Again, i'm asking alot since i'm putting it on an 85mm F/1.2L, but for any wide lens under 50mm, definitely a solid product that will yield excellent results. I'll be posting up some samples of the lens with and without the filter soon for you guys to check out, but i'm very happy with it and will be planning to get a few more. For now the Nature brand Fader ND can be found at this link: Nature Brand Fader ND Variable Neutral Density Filter

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Tom - These variable ND filters will work too, but they won't perform like the high end static ones. For high resolution still images, the softness will be more apparent than what you see with moving video. I believe HD is only around 2 megapixels or so, so you won't notice the softness as much as a 22 megapixel image.

  2. Tom

    This site is just a treasure-chest of information! I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this, but I also need a filter like this for photography. Would it be ok for this as well? I would probably limit myself to wider angle shots by the way.


  3. Emm

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    @Wil - The SingR has definitely had excellent reviews, but it's at an extremely high price. I think people should experiment with ND's before diving in to the most expensive brand.

  4. Emm

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    @Wil - Hoya and Tiffen have a nice balance between being lower on the price scale with excellent quality. You can stack them together while minimizing increased softness.

  5. Wil

    Great info again Emm you've got your finger on the pulse of HDSLR much appreciated. If what goes around comes around, you've got alot of good reaping ahead;

    May I ask if you've had any use with the SingR duo filter? It seems like one of the best options for video and they have a thin version so if you want a nice look on a 11-16 in full daylight at high shutter for slowmo should work nice.

    Any thoughts?

  6. Emm

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    @Marcel - For photography, again it's best to use the minimum about of glass. Stick with Single ND filters. The lenses you buy are designed to be optically perfect, so anything you add on top will change the image. Variable ND filters are basically two polarizers crossing each other so they act as ND's but really aren't. You won't notice much difference in Video mode if things are moving about, and the softness also helps to decrease that really sharp digital camcorder look. When using a Macro or Zoom lens past say 85mm you could notice any loss of sharpness more dramatically.

    If you work at a slower pace in video, Single Density ND filters can still provide the best quality. You just have to take the time to change them in and out and also have one for every lens size. This is where you start getting into MatteBoxes that hold filters like ND's and Polarizers. You can change lenses without changing filters, and it's a faster workflow. There's pros and cons to MatteBoxes so you should still have a set of good threaded lens filters. Most common would be ND4, which you might want to get (2). They are stackable so you can get to ND8. If it's too dark, you can adjust the ISO for light.

  7. Hi Emm!

    just wanted to let you know that your reviews highly solidify my choices to go for the more budget but effective route in photography/videography gear. You are very good at what you do and I usually check your site first before going to others when getting new equipment. Additionally, I also look for your own personal comments in your threads to see what "you" really like.

    Quick questions about the nature ND filters: Have you gotten any softness on the "Photography" end of using them? I have been reading up on the ND filters on different sites (genus, b+w, singh-ray, Heliopan, etc) and many say on the video end it works well with hardly any loss in sharpness.. but on the photography end.. most of them have a decrease in sharpness detail.. unless you buy the top end Vari ND Filters such as the Heliopan or Singh-ray.

    what's your take for the photography end?

    thanks! 😉

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  10. Emm

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    @frank suero - An ND used in the 'right setting' will yield better results than any color profile. I'm sure there will be some difference, but it could be better. A single quality ND filter will have better quality than most Variable ND's. A variable is very convenient when you have to move quickly.

  11. What about for video. I am using the Technicolor profile, will this affect the way the video looks or the way the profile captures the video?

    If you have any idea please let us know.

    Thanks for the tip.

  12. I bought one of these with a 77mm filter size, and hadn't had any luck with using step down rings. The rings don't quite fit the threading. How should I mount this to a 58mm ring size lens? I bought such a large size filter so I can use it on future lenses.

  13. Jon

    I just got my Nature filter. Now how do I use it? Any recommendations for when to use it and what settings I should use in camera?


  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - It's just a regular filter mount, so if you can add a filter to the lens then this will work too. You just need to get the correct size which I think is 77mm.

  15. Is anyone having trouble with the eBay seller from the link? They are asking me to order "free" gifts. I'm used to the poor English, but this is strange. If it ends up being a scam are there other sellers I can buy this from?

  16. Hal Robertson

    Just got my new Fader ND Mark II this week and used it on 2 shoots today. Had some trouble with focus using the 50mm but it could easily be me. We did get some nice shots though. VERY convenient to have one adjustable filter instead of swapping all day. Highly recommended.

  17. Hey Emm,

    Thanks again for the info on the filter:) Yeah I just got my rig two days ago. I was expecting it in December but got it in November? Anyway my wife helped me put the rig together while I filmed her a little. I'll post it up once I get it up on Vimeo. The Rig looks great! I to am looking for a counter balance for the rig as well. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again...

  18. spaceflows

    I have one for my kit 18-135 and it's pretty sweet. I'm picking one up for my newly aquired 50mm 1.4 soon. An excellent value! Thanks again, Emm!

  19. I bought a 52 and 77mm for my 35 1.8 and 24-70f2.8 and its pretty outstanding. I found them to be solid and great for what i'm doing and didn't notice any color change, so definatly happy with it too.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    The 24-70mm is a 77mm filter. You can always check out B&HPhoto's website and look at the 'Specs' tab for any lens and it will show you filter size. Any photos of the rig? I'm still trying to configure mine and looking for a good counterweight. Here: Canon Zoom Wide EF 24-70mm F/2.8

  21. Hey Emm,

    Would you know what Nature ND Filter would work on a 24-70? By the way just got my Gini Rig. I had my wife set it up for me. The rig looks SICK!!!
    Thanks for all the info....

  22. I had that same filter last year. But i happen to pay quite a bit more for a 52mm version. I bought it from which also has the brand name nature on it. I ended up selling along with my nifty fifty to help fund for the 1.4. version and a LCW mark ii. Not sure if it was worth the extra price or not.

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