Canon T2i AC Wall Adapter


If you've got plans to keep your Canon T2i powered up longer than the normal battery can provide, here's a cheap AC wall adapter. Great power source for taking those super long day to day timelapse photography shots. If you're the daring type like myself, the battery adapter provided is perfect to hack up into a DIY Power pack, perhaps connecting it to something like a Radio Controlled toy car rechargeable battery. You can find several aftermarket AC wall adapters here: Canon T2i / 550D AC Wall Adapter Power Plug

For those running the LP-E6 battery type like the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, or Canon 60D the AC wall adapter can be found here:

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  1. @Sean DC input internal diameter: 3.15 mm.
    source here:

    im searching now for a 3.15 mm right angle plug to use my:
    [by the way which powers my liliput 12v monitor and my wiress lav system on the go and I love it!!! cost me $39]

    this cable may do it:

    but its not right angle.

    so I found this setup below

    voltage regulator [UK]:
    voltage regulator [US]:

    info from video on connection [from maker of video, pulled from comments]:
    the battery + goes to Vin, the - goes to GND, the Vout goes to the camera adaptor centre pin and the GND goes to the outer pin,, if you want 12V to run a monitor as well just run a cable from the Vin and GND(earth) the the monitor, remember to set the voltage to 7.2V BEFORE connecting the camera

    SO IN ALL....

    im currently gonna cut my:

    to add a 5.5 2.5 DC female coupler like the one in the video.

    Any thoughts

  2. Battery door is not a problem. Anyone with a T2i can easily see that there is a small retractable door for a cord to pass into the battery compartment with the door sealed.

    Mike, i have the same question. I'm trying to build an extension cord for my cable. I need a female connector and a male 90 degree connector, that I can put on a cable , with a length of my choosing, to install internally into various jibs.

    I own the ac adapter and the Switronix pb-70/t2i power supply. Both of which use the same fake battery interface with the cable that has the 90 degree plug at the end. It's difficult to get an accurate mesurement of the plug size. But it's important, because there are several that are close fits but not right. I was hoping to walk into radio shack and try a few of their plugs, but they do not have a female adapter for anything but size M. It's more like Size H, but I can't be certain. Radio shack does not carry a Size H 90 degree plug (which is essential). So you have to order online from somewhere.

    The inside diameter s about 1mm. The outside dameter is about 3mm. But i can not be exact.

  3. Jeremy

    I'm assuming that using one of these means that the battery door would be unable to close, making tripod-mounting somewhat of a challenge.....

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