Comer-like 1800 Lumen LED Video Light


Heard of Comer LED Video Lights? It's a damn good LED Video light with a damn good price tag attached of over $300 dollars and doesn't even come with a battery. The design of the Comer lights are also much different than just a flat square panel full of LED bulbs. The second generation of Comer LED lights has a newer design with 10 LEDs on the front panel.

If you wanted a Comer, you had no choice but to buy one. Well, up until now I guess. There's a new LED light floating around recently that looks similar and claims the same 1800 Lumens output, so could this 'other' LED light be a Comer Clone? It sure does look like it through the limited amount of the photos I could compare online. From design, features, position of buttons and switches, it's pretty close. This 'other Comer-like is coming in about half the price and unlike Comer, comes with a Sony style Rechargeable battery + charger. Anyone sporting a Comer now, or experience with these Comer-like lights?

find-price-button 1800 Lumen LED Video Light Rechargeable Battery + Charger

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  2. Tony

    Well POO!!

    Got an email from the ebay seller telling me that since the Chinese New Year is just over, many people have not gone back to work so the item is sold out. Hope they refund me my money...

    I guess I can always contact Paypal. FYI

  3. Look's like an interesting product, but with all lights the "quality" of the light is very important. What is the effect of having 10 LED's look like, multiple points? does it need a lot of diffusion? does it hold color temperature? The form factor is good, small, but how does it compare to other led lights with 126, 96, etc led's?

    As usual, good find, can't wait for a more in-depth review.



  4. Tony Carretti


    I bit on this one. Looks like about middle March before it will show up, but I'll gladly do a video review once it gets here.

    Gonna have to find a part time job soon!

  5. Sideshow

    I know because you have a fine blog, with many readers like myself, there are certain things you cannot say. I respect your decision to be fair, and protect your reputation. It goes against what I believe about free speach and not letting a company change the way you talk about them, but lets not re-live the R vs UFO light fiasco.

    In my humble opinon, the Comer light is simply a rebranded chinese led light. They have been doing it for a long time, just like the R people and countless others who buy large quantitys, slap their sticker on it, and jack up the price. There is something good to be said for these companys. Because they buy in bulk, they can ship to us much faster than from Hong Kong. So if you need it quick, these are good places to go. But to naively think you are getting something better....
    It is just like the Ford/Mercury/Lincoln thing. Same car, 50 cents more chrome, different name, and $15k more expensive than the step down. They have been doing it for years, and will keep on doing it into the future.

    I have been holding that in for a while.
    Feels good to get it off my chest.
    I do not wish to offend. I am not a glass half empty/glass half full type. I am a realist. They gave me the wrong size glass.

    Please keep up the awesome work on your blog. It is one of the few websites I visit several times a day.

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