Konova Slider Earns a New Position

Not sure if you can see the thumbnail in the video, but something about that slider doesn't look quite right. Oh yeah it's upside down! Vimeo member phoSumpro! shows a new way to use the Konova slider. Actually seems like a new way to use any camera slider. By mounting the slider upside down with the carrier Tripod, he's actually sliding the entire rail (not the carrier). I'll let the video explain why this was done, but that's one pretty cool trick. Sorry guys, but don't think this would work on a non Roller Bearing type slider. [Thanks phoSumpro!]

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8 thoughts on “Konova Slider Earns a New Position

  1. Kenswift

    entienne01 - Not for the full length of the slider obviously, but I get about half of my 120CM if I want to dolly in and out.

  2. entienne01

    This is an interesting option. I tried doing a tracking shot with the camera facing the slider lengthwise, but the slider ending up being in the frame. I'm trying to figure out various options (riser attached to the tripod head, longer lens, etc.). Has anyone been able to do this?

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