Color Changing LED Panels – Back on Amazon

There were very few available on eBay for a premium price, and now after about 6 months of being out of stock, they're back on Amazon. I guess they worked out the shortage. If you haven't seen how these operate, you can find a video here:


find-price-button 1000 LED Photography Video Light Panel 0% - 100% DIMMABLE COLOR CHANGING 3500K- 6000K TEMP

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  1. Emm

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    @Chris Winter - They don't mention how much heat the fabric can take. I see it can be used for photos, but for continuous lighting you might want to use at best Fluorescent lights. Not sure who ships to that area, but Linco's might work: httpss://

  2. Hey Emm!

    Wondering if you can give me some advice as you're a bit of an expert in lighting. I've been looking to produce some high key lighting (for both stills and videos) for a while now.
    I've found the perfect solution for this called the lastolite hilite ( which should be perfect for me.
    I require two studio lights (one with a softbox) to light the setup. Just wondering if you know of any cheap, quality eBay lights (that ship to Aus) that would be good for this. I know it's difficult to have those three, but I'm hoping you can guide me in the right direction!

  3. This is real Game Changer! I have a question though. I really would like to purchase a set of 3 1000 LED Panels.

    I would like to buy a set of LED Panels that will get as close to true daylite as possible. This is my first set so its very hard to tell which one is best for me to buy.

    I am a little suspect because of the mixed reviews I have seen on Amazon, I was hoping maybe this great DIY community can help me out.

    I will mainly be filming music videos. Which set is best to purchase, the set above or one of the sets listed below??????

    Francier 1000 LED Dimmable Light Panel - $479

    Ephoto 1000 Video Lighting with Dimmer - $499

    This will help me alot!



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