Cinevate Atlas FLT – Linear Slider

We got a good look at Cinevate's latest light weight, short(er) run FLT Camera slider at NAB2011. It's definitely a mini version of their already popular Atlas 10. I actually tried to get an Atlas 10, but they can't seem to keep these things in stock. This might be the same case for the new FLT version coming in as Cinevate's cheapest slider yet. Even though it's Cinevate's least expensive linear tracking system, the price of the FLT may not sit comfortable for the video hobbyist, but the build quality will certainly satisfy the professionals. A more thorough description of their product can be found below, with more information on the FLT found at the Cinevate website here:​atlasflt

3 thoughts on “Cinevate Atlas FLT – Linear Slider

  1. Carlos D

    I'm torn between this and the Kessler Pocket Dolly 2.0 Traveler. Both seem about the same weight, size and price.

    I like that I can get the crank and belt for a little more with the Kessler but I actually don't know how often I'd use it.

    Any input from anybody would be very welcome.

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