Latest iMac with ThunderBolt Interface

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The latest in iMac's are announced, and probably the most exciting feature is the added ThunderBolt port. An interface said to be able to move data at an amazing 10Gbps -- double that of USB 3.0. It's been rumored that big name camera companies will be implementing this same interface into their cameras for fast offloading. There's plenty more great new features you probably already know about, but if not - you can find more following the link: NEW iMac 21"-27" QuadCore LED Backlit with ThunderBolt Inteface

8 thoughts on “Latest iMac with ThunderBolt Interface

  1. EricL

    @Emm-unless you're using an SSD card in a pro vidcam, CF cards are the fastest consumer storage cards. SD cards aren't even close. As goes the rest of the industry, many storage devices will eventually catch up to the speed of the Thunderbolt interface. But until then I wouldn't upgrade to the newest iMac strictly for the TBolt port. The screen is beautiful, and a big boost from the quad core chips will help Apple sell a ton of these.

  2. jarrett towe

    The thunderbolt ports could be used as a bypass for the cf cards...theoretically achieving lossless file transfer with no compression for live video transfer.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @EricL - I think it's meant for other cameras too. There are many that don't use CF cards for storage.

  4. crazyrunner33

    10 Gbps is just a marketing ploy for the Intel Thunderbolt port, it is only theoretical. Real world tests show around 600 Mbps average transfer speed, this is more than likely due to the current top model SSD hard drives maxing out at around that point.

  5. EricL

    But having Thunderbolt to download cameras is a waste. The bottleneck is the firmware of the flash card. Unless they make gigantic leaps forward in CF card transfer speed performance, this is pointless. The new quad cores and dual thunderbolts ports are great.

  6. Chris Wilmshurst

    You should mention that the 27" model has TWO thunderbolt ports. with 10Gbps bandwidth each.

  7. spaceflows

    I was preparing to pull the trigger on a laundry list of parts to build my own Hackintosh this week when this gift from the Gods was unleashed! Instead, I've pulled the trigger on a completely tricked-out, maxed-out iMac 27". This is the first iMac that I feel comfortable purchasing for my video and audio workstation. The option for a second monitor is key. Plus it comes with the option to have both a solid state drive and SATA (which I opted for, apps running off the solid state). And yes, then there's Thunderbolt and all it may bring us in the future!

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