Cheesycam .99 Cent Auctions Continues..

Just posted another pair of expensive items online, starting at just .99 cents. This is a pair of sexy Gini DSLR rig handles - Black w/ Red accents. If you know Gini Rigs, these parts are not easily available seperately. I have small hands and have been comfortable with the Express35 HD Handles. These Gini's have been sitting around for a while. Time to go.

More .99 cent auctions to come so stay tuned. If you haven't looked into the other auctions you can find them here:

Gini-Handles (1 of 2)
find-price-button Two Gini DSLR Rig Long Handles w/ Two 90 Degree Rod Clamps - Black w/ Red

[Update] Another .99 cent auction posted up. This time it's for the hard to find 4 pcs. Gini DSLR Cage Clamps. These are very cool, and first seen with RedRock Micro's Cinema Bundle. I can't seem to find them on their site anymore. Very cool special clamps to position rods off to the side or even above as seen in my post

Gini-Mount (1 of 1)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Cage Rod Clamps Blac w/ Red accents

Just posted the Ikan Friction Follow Focus sytem. This is just the FF with the base shown in the image. You can find more information here where it is shown with optional equipment: Ikan Friction Follow Focus

ikan-f3-friction-focus (1 of 1)
find-price-button Ikan Friction Follow Focus system with Adjustable Rod Clamp Base

10 thoughts on “Cheesycam .99 Cent Auctions Continues..

  1. SkunkWorks

    Emm, I've talked a few ebay sellers that stated U.S. lower 48 in their listing into shipping to Canada who at first told me they didn't want the hassle. When I explained that the hassle would involve literally an extra 30 seconds of their time to check off a few boxes on a customs sticker they eventually agreed. The last guy told me after all was said and done that the whole thing was so painless he was going to now open all his future auctions to Canada. I see that as a win situation for him as we up here are likely to bid higher to win something that is difficult or impossible to get here. (wink)

    The only deal breaker for us though is UPS, FedEx or other parcel carriers are a no go due to their outrageous brokerage fees. Needs to be USPS. There's a guy is Texas who sends me guitar pickups through USPS for less than it costs him to ship them domestically... we're both kind of stumped on that one.

  2. J Toha

    I've had good successes in the past by sellers shipping using USPS Priority or First Class to Singapore. More reasonable pricing although it may/may not have tracking number. UPS, Fedex or DHL has a more persistent courier service but basically butchers the shipper with its high international shipping cost, even for the smallest of items.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @beradical - I'm not a fan of USPS and would rather use UPS (better tracking). For overseas stuff it will kill me in shipping fees.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Sebastian - Maybe you can have someone in USA buy it and ship it to you? Sorry, it's a difficult process for me to ship outside of US and expensive.

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