Cheesycam .99 Cent Auctions

proaim-shoulder-support (4 of 4)
find-price-button DSLR Video Camera Rig Metal Shoulder Support with Foam Pad

I'm going to be listing a few items that I don't think i'll get around to using. Maybe these things will go to a good home, so there will be quite a bit of auctions that i'll be starting out at just .99 Cents. Here's the first one i'm posting today, the Proaim metal Shoulder Support with Foam Padding and Chest support. This is designed around industry standards, so it will fit your Gini, Express35, Cinevate, Redrock Micro, Genus, Zacuto, or other Rail type rigs. It's a pricey item if you check the stores, but bidding starts at just .99 cents. Good luck for anyone who needs something like this. What's next on the .99 cent auction? You'll just have to keep checking back..

Oh, and sorry guys. Only US residents in the lower 48 can buy. Paypal only w/ confirmed Paypal address. Thanks.

[Update] Here's another .99 Cent auction. I ended up with two of these, so i'm cleaning house. This one is unused and brand spankin' new. I'm also throwing in a Free 48 LED Video light with it too.

opteka-LED (1 of 3)opteka-LED (3 of 3)
find-price-button Opteka Shoulder Support + Free 48 LED Video Light

[Update][Update] Ok, I think i'm getting lazy and just starting to bundle stuff. My loss, your gain. Next up is a Gini DSLR Rig Silicone Shoulder Pad + Free Dog Bone Rod Clamp. I'm also throwing in a small shooter for smaller cameras. Yup, all starting at just .99 cents.

shooter (2 of 2)shooter (1 of 2)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rig Silicone Shoulder Pad + Free Bone Clamp + Free Small Cam shooter

[Update][Update][Update] Brand new LCW LCD View Finder for 3" DSLR LCD's. The LCW is a silicone magnified view finder loupe with real glass optics and metal diopter. You can research more about LCW's BigEye viewfinder on the internet. Starting bid .99 cents.

lcw-bigeye (2 of 3)
find-price-button New LCW LightCraftWorkshop LCD View Finder

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  1. Gerry Bel

    Thanks Em. Your so cool.
    How about some Follow Focus you have laying around? 🙂
    Looking to buy a cheap one or maybe you can sell one to me.
    I missed the sale on Ikan FF. Do you know when they usually give discounts or have something on sale?

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